• Ebaum World’s Eric Bauman and Staff Smitten Down, Fired by ZVUE CEO

    February 2, 2009 10:00 am 6 comments
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  • The mighty hands of fate have finally smitten down and fired Eric Bauman and Ebaum’s world, a brazen den of sin and carnality.

    As first reported on the internet version 2.0 (a reportedly more complex and miraculous series of sharing portals) site Digg.com in both links and comments, Ebaum has committed many atrocities and sin.

    First hand accounts claim that Eric Bauman may have stolen games from content creators and videos from others, clearly violating though shalt not steal. A review of the site’s content reveals the inclusion of atheistic themes and praise of lewd behavior and lust, which is not good (though not worse than the antics of atheist super-site of sin ShoutWire.com).

    A blog by Ebaum Staff made the defense that their new owners, and specifically the CEO of ZVUE, much like a thief in the night came in and stole their jobs, computers and files. They claim they were Treated Like Criminals.

    While the staff at Ebaum was most likely an atheist bunch, with all the wanton stealing and relishing in video orgies, this can be a very good time. Ebaum, repent of your ways!

    This is your chance to start anew and do works for good.

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