• Evolutionists Now Claim Birds Have Evolved Into Dentists!

    February 19, 2009 2:11 pm 13 comments
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  • Now this is just preposterous and outrageous. As you know, there are several renegade scientists who have joined a sect form of science known as evolutionology. This scientific cult has been busy the last few weeks spreading all types of videos that use ordinarily cute animals, but force them to do things that are normally human.

    In one video these evolutionists put a cute floral print dress dress on a monkey and forced the monkey to eat an apple, like a human toddler. In another a dog was forced to walk upright on its hind legs.

    Evolutionists believe that in the beginning, a mysterious big bang created the heavens and the Earth and after that everything just ‘magically’ evolved over billions of years. They believe your most recent ancestor is a monkey. Yes, monkeys >>> humans >>> ____ who knows, watch a sci-fi show and you’ll see their best guesses.

    Well today they just released a new propaganda video. It forces a poor bird to do dental work, and they are using this video to try to prove animals can evolve their brains to do the work as humans, even a doctor of dentistry.

    Take a letter...
    Creative Commons License photo credit: law_keven

    Then people wonder why bird flu and such is killing thousands on thousands of people each day.

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