• Exposing The Lies of Evolution – The Little Bombardier Beetle That Defies Evolution

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    In all the world, there is one animal that evolutionary scientists hate above all: the bombardier beetle.

    The bombardier beetle is a truly fearfully and wonderfully made creation whose simple existence puts to shame one of the biggest lies strict secular evolutionary scientists have tried to force into your society, and that lie is their modified Theory of Evolution.

    To the right you see a bombardier beetle. The most fascinating aspect of this little guy has to do with his amazing defense mechanism.

    As all scientists know and many will not admit, the bombardier beetle’s defense mechanism is so amazingly complicated and specialized that it could not have possibly evolved. There is no way the theory of evolution could work to explain it.

    Bombardier Beetle Top view Pictures, Images and PhotosYou see, the tiny components of this beetle’s defense mechanism work so well together, from it’s ‘mixing chamber’ to ‘high rate explosive turret’ as we colloquially call its most amazing structures at the lab, that there would have been no margin for error in this miraculous creature’s supposed evolution.

    Fellow native German chemist Dr. Schilknecht first found that the bombardier beeter mixes two potentially dangerous chemicals, hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide (yes, basically the stuff in brown bottles at your local market), which should immediately result in a very violent explosion.

    By divine design, this beetle does not produce a reaction that instantly destroys itself but rather uses an inhibitor to modify the should-be reaction and control the reactants in its mixing chamber.

    So what happens when this little guy faces a threat, say from a giant spider? This beetle has been equipped with the amazing ability to instantly activate, control and fire the contents of its ‘mixing chamber’, all expelled via the turret I mentioned earlier. Check this design out and tell me if it’s not glorious.

    The beetle specifically has a series of tubes that contain two enzymatic catalysts (speed up chemical reactions) that we know as catalase and peroxidase.

    These enzymes naturally cause a decomposition reaction to occur with the hydrogen peroxide, and of course this results in a highly spontaneous, exothermic conversion to water and hydrogen gas.

    2 H2O2 → 2 H2O + O2

    All while a mild oxidation takes place with the hydroquinone, resulting in quinone.

    C6H4(OH)2 + H2O2 → C6H4O2 + 2H2O

    Needless to say this reaction is very quick and highly explosive, but not to the point to where we have beetles not ‘magically’ evolved enough that their bodies are found blown up.

    Now if that wasn’t enough, this amazing beetle’s ‘gunning turret’ allows it to fire its chemical contents at a predator in quick, successive bursts, in any direction! There is no way something so wonderful and neat could have evolved by chance, all starting with a universal big bang.

    This beetle’s design is intentional. The culmination of chemicals reactions, stored reactants (inhibitors, catalysts, glands, combustion tubes, omnidirectional ‘turrets’) nervous system to carry all this out, dna to dictate structure of function of everything and more is not random.

    There is no margin for error in the incredibly complex bombardier beetle and little in the way of evolutionary thinking to explain its complex, highly modified existence.

    A common ancestor for these, without all parts perfected, would have never had a chance to evolve. Here is a video from a good former colleague which delves more into the facts of today’s lesson excerpt.

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