• Facebook Kicks Out Nostimulus.com, thebjradioshow.com Heathens Gloat

    February 12, 2009 12:45 pm Comments Off
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  • As every good American who voted for McCain understands, President B. Hussein Obama is a very dangerous man who does not understand the concept of fiscal responsibility or a balanced budget and wants to spend trillions of your tax money on a bogus stimulus package.

    Truly, as Barack Obama sits in his lavish office, the current US national debt is in crisis, the housing market is crashed and many people are without jobs. Instead of running a responsible administration and government that protects American interests as did President George W. Bush, Barack Obama has sold out our economy for his own interests and now we’re in serious economic trouble.

    So it is not a big surprise that a group of responsible people banned together to oppose the threat of Obama. These people created an internet website named Nostimulus.com.

    Nostimulus.com was created to stop Barack Obama from passing a bill which would let government agents garnish YOUR ENTIRE CHECK in order to provide funding for things like women getting abortion, giving money for free to foreign countries and bonuses for all the corrupt Congressmen who agree to say ‘Yay’ to the proposal.

    In order to inform the oft-times liberally misguided college students about Barack’s true stimulus plans, Nostimulus.com took out adspace on Facebook. It turns out that Facebook today banned NoStimulus from advertising!

    Could it be that Zuckerberg fella’ is on Obama’s payroll? Was Facebook ordered to pull the group ‘or else’? This type of censoring is very Orwellian and goes against every single thing the US constitution stands for to this great nation.

    When we are blocked from informing college students about the sinister plans of Democrats and liberals, who always look out for the interest of the rich elites, it’s a truly troubling sign of the times.

    These revelations should be very alarming to you and make your heart race with fear! The heathen media pundits over at BJradio.com (which some sources say had a hand in trying to get Nostimulus.com censored of the internet) are also actively campaigning to get Obama’s stimulus package well received by the general public.

    With liberal media personalities like your Olbermann’s, MSNBC, BJradio and Jon Stewart all trying to say the fickle minds of college students to think that it’s ok to censor and trick everyone into accepting Obama’s stimulus package, we must remain resolute in reminding everyone how since January 20th, a true day of infamy, Obama has managed to destroy the US economy.

    We must not allow him to deliver the coup-de-grace.

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