• Federation of American Scientists Catch Chinese Secretly Building Jin Class Submarines on Google Maps

    February 6, 2009 2:47 pm 7 comments
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  • The worst of our fears were confirmed recently, when the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) caught two secretly built Chinese Jin class submarines.

    The Jin-class submarine is a very dangerous weapon, one of which the US government thought the Chinese managed to build only one.

    The sharp-eyed American scientists at FAS recognized this communist weaponry, however, from a shot from Google Maps. Let us look upon the evidence:

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    Chilling. These two vessels obviously were constructed for one purpose, and that purpose is likely to assist in launching another sneak attack on the United States. Will the Asian armies come back for round two against Pearl Harbor and our Western seaboard?

    This is truly cause for great concern and rest assured that even though they may practice some questionable forms of science, the good people of FAS will continue to monitor this very troubling region as shown in the past.

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