• Foolish Venezuela Elects to Allow Chavez to Become A Dictator

    February 16, 2009 4:48 am Comments Off
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  • After starting the process of freeing the Earth from a morally-declined Britain in 1776, George Washington had one mandate for all mankind: ‘Thou shalt not allow any more kings’.

    And it was so. America since then has demanded democracy spread throughout the Earth, and to this day only countries of terror or communism allow an absolute ruler to officially lord over their lives.

    So today, it is sad to hear that our friends down in the continent of Mexico, in Venezuela to be precise, have allowed the no good want to be god-king Hugo Chavez the right to rule indefinitely.

    The numbers were close, which shows morality still reigns in the hearts of plenty of those Venezuelos. Still, by 54% Chavez is now going to be allowed complete ownership of the lives of Mexicans in Venezuela.

    As we saw in Mel Gibson’s excellent movie Apocalypto, dictators of this region typically start hoarding supplies (like that nice American oil down there that needs some freedom), building pagan pyramids then doing all sorts of strange rituals on said pyramids, usually to ward off the very nations with who they are not freely sharing their natural resources like oils that are rightfully ours in the first place!

    Anyway, Chavez is a dictator now and look for him to not share our oil with us and make his people build pyramids for weird ceremonies. It’ll be sad to see and somewhere within the next decade, we’ll probably have to bring freedom to the good people of Venezuela.

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