• Girl Infected With Strange Ninja Turtle Infatuation (Scary)

    February 6, 2009 5:36 am 4 comments

    As you all know, television and movies are two of the worst things for your kids.  In addition to exposing your children to a world of sin, the effects of the evils they witness on TV can have lifelong implications.  These being implications of eternal duration.

    During the 80s-90s, a popular television show was entitled The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  In this show, a Chinese man and his little science experiment turtles magically evolved into a talking rat and ninja-skilled turtles who fought for good.

    The show praised a life of punk culture and slothful behavior, all while teaching children that evolution could indeed magically happen and yield everything from talking turtles, rabbits, rats, wart hogs and even rhinoceroses.  Clearly atheist and sinister at its roots, it was obvious to conservatives of the time that this show was dangerous and would scar the children of that generation.

    Today we look at a video of one young woman who was infected with the spirit of infatuation from this immoral Ninja Turtles franchise.  As you see, the spirit has blinded her eyes and totally has control of her life, so much to the point to where it seems  she does not even have a strong grip on reality.

    TMNT 116
    Creative Commons License photo credit: ianmalcm
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