• Godless Chinese Unveil Deathvan Bus Terror to the World

    February 12, 2009 8:52 am 26 comments
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  • More scary news from the very far, far away atheistic People’s Republic of China, this time as scattered reports from brave Chinese converts reveal that China has created Deathvan bus technology.

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    Chinese deathvan preparing to savage and murder innocent people accused of being criminals.

    These rolling, morbid monstrosities of terror are reported to go all around China, delivering ‘execution to criminals’, on wheels.

    This is of course very frightening to many innocent Chinese, as the emperor of their government counts everything from enjoying freedom, having a female child, reading non-propaganda books (like the Bible) and even being too tall as criminal acts punishable by death.

    Your heart has to go out to the people who are forced to endure such things.

    What’s even more macabre here is that the commie Chinese imperial government condones these deathvans, citing that they are cheaper than the traditional firing squad and that they ‘stream live video’ of the murders of these people to local authorities.

    At this point your heart is surely riled with frustration and you think this harrowing story just cannot get any worse. But it does.

    Several critics of this new technology of death, a technology just as terrifying as nuclear WMDs, cite that the Chinese are conspiring with unethical American liberals in a HARVESTING ORGANS ring, all made possible by these death vans.

    Though the source who leaked the image of this Deathvan is still unknown, odds are they managed to reveal this information after finding their way to the protection of Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo), where any foreign person can safely take refuge and report the atrocities occurring in their country to noble, kind American intelligence officials.

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