• Godless Japanese Unveil Heathen Anime Sex Train Technology Idol

    February 24, 2009 10:47 am 135 comments

    As you know, the Japanese culture is currently being overrun with the vile spirit of atheist liberalism! These atheistic wonders of Japan have all sorts of scary, evil things that they are creating and trying to spread to your sweet, innocent little children in America.

    Over the past weeks we’ve learned of several spiritual weapons of mass destruction the Japanese are crafting in efforts of destroying morality and freedom, turning your precious children into gay little pornographers in the process.:

    * Japanese Secretly Showing Pornography in Children Cartoons! (anime is Japanese for pornography)
    * The Scary Japanese Robot Threat To America
    * Japanese Tentacle Sex Octopus Porn on the Rise
    * Japanese Use Music and Babies to Try To Turn YouTube Viewers Gay

    The last one scared me so fiercely that this past weekend I had to drive to the Hamptons for a reflective time of scriptures and silent non-pagan style meditation.

    Yet once again my spirit is vexed and I’m terribly concerned about the morals of our Japanese friends, as they have unveiled an entirely new form of architectural technology.

    The immoral albeit crafty, quick little hands of the Japanese have now meticulously constructed a new pagan Anime Sex Train Tunnel idol.

    The godless Japanese have created a new shrine to their false goddess of anime (pornography)

    This new civics abomination is a monument to sin and filth. It is one of the most blasphemous and offensive architectural monstrosities that has ever cast itself upon my eyes.

    If you look closely at this false goddess of anime, you can see it even has glossy eyes (promoting drug use, harlotry) and the train passing where it passes is blatant innuendo that encourages prostitution and premarital relations.

    When doing missionary work in Japan, I endured everything from being accosted by a tv celebrity named “Hard Gay” at a tea house, to even getting precariously trapped and having to quickly flee a village during a spontaneous, weird tribal naked man march. Even through such harrowing events in my global travels and work, I’ve never seen the likes of this Japanese anime train tunnel shrine.

    As you may know, anime literally means ‘the pornography’ in Japanese. For years now they have worked with liberals in America to circumvent the FCC and show this filth to your children in televised form.

    There are various forums of anime, such as hentai anime (The pornography of tentacles) and Yaoi anime (The pornography of homogay agenda (yaoi).

    Friends, the threat of Japanese anime is very real. It started off with pornagraphies such as that DBZ, Naruto cattail and Sailor Moon Scouts they are showing on cable, and before long you can expect to see tentacles afly and gay men flaunting about trains worldwide.

    How long do you wait before you catch your son wide-eyed, having homogay relations with an octopus? Your daughter thinking it’s ok to do drugs and get accosted by tentacles.

    Parents, I hope your answer is never and that the time is now to take action. We must write angry letters to Japan and President Bush (since Obama likes anime, being liberal) and demand they take down this shrine to impiety. It is a symbol of their intent to destroy America with these new anime cartoons, and we have to take a stand right now.

    Join us in our fight to keep your children safe and protect them against the cult of Japanse anime sex perversions

    Take a stand against impiety and help save America. Sign the petition against Japanese anime pornographies.

    Every 4 minutes an innocent heart is introduced to gay Japanese anime perversions. Please, help stop this wanton carnality today.

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