• Happy 200 Birthday Charles Darwin, You Terror Loving Lunatic February 12 2009

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    As many of you are well aware, today is the 200th birthday celebration of one of the most evil, perverse men in history; Charles Darwin.

    Truly, each year February 12 brings tidings of glory to the dark hearts of liberals who celebrate this man who is the father and author of much of the modern death and destruction that plagues our world to this very day.

    Now while the words of Darwin have surely been sullied and misconstrued by the tired religious dogma of modern evolutionary scientists, it is also his words that have allowed great malevolence to come to mankind.

    To fully understand how all the erroneous teachings of Darwin have sown evil into the heart of modern man, we must first review and understand the backstory to the theory of evolution itself.

    Secular Evolution In A Nutshell

    The current secular theory of evolution states that all life started with The Big Bang and that all life originated from random chemicals that ‘magically’ transformed into complex lifeforms over billions and billions of years.

    The origin of this theory started in 1859, when Charles Darwin wrote a book called The Origin of Species. In its original text — which the Council of Scientists have secretly redacted several times to try to work around the facts of Creationism — the fiction book attempts to describe the history of the universe based upon animals Darwin found when vacationing in the Galapagos Islands.

    On that island, Darwin observed that tortoises can live for a relatively  long time and that some finches are yellow. Based on these observations, the British naturalist (read, person of faith turned atheist for $$$) concluded that through environmental pressures, animals with the most advantageous traits will naturally survive to procreate with a member of the opposite sex and therefore, those advantageous traits would be the norm for a species of a localized area.

    That’s common sense. Those of us who are healthy enough to make it to adulthood are designed to get married to someone of the opposite sex and pass on our genes.

    Common logic immediately disproves Darwin’s secular theory of evolution.

    The problem is that Darwin (and later evolutionary scientists) continued to embellish this theory, citing animals would continue to evolve ‘upward’ until a random mutation appeared which allowed a new species, or super-species, to become dominant.

    This is the argument evolutionists use for humans out-competing our alleged caveman/ape-man ancestors.

    As you see in the video to the right, this notion of a mystic upward evolution of life to some sort of ethereal being (seen in all that new-age religion hogwash) is quickly disproved in a scientific, logical manner.

    The Evils of Evolution in A Modern World

    The theory of evolution is directly responsible for the downfall of modern society. The lies it represents have allowed immoral liberals (e.g., NAZIs, Soviets, atheists, abortionists, Democrats, the gay, and so forth) to sow the groundwork of their patently corrupt agenda into mankind.

    Yes, dear friends, the evolutionary agenda is not only mutually exclusive with the goodness of faith, but also breeds a culture of hate, violence and infidelity to what is good and right.

    For these reasons above all, since 1859 we’ve borne witness to all sorts of evils: AIDS, high divorce rates, eugenics, removal of prayer from public schools, feminism, endless world wide war and abortion. The list almost seems endless.

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    The list of groups who have been infected by the spirit of atheistic evolutionary theory grows each and every day.

    Each and every day, the list of people and groups who are exposed to the dangerous teachings of Darwin continues to grow. Such is the woe of living in the communication age, where the connections of the internet and cellular telephones allow your loved ones, including your children, talk and be exposed to the strange mind-works of millions of complete strangers.

    It’s a well known fact that in a crowd full of people, there are going to be many truly dangerous people with even more terrifying, destructive ideas. For this reason above all, you must limit the amount of communication your family has with the outside world, that is if you love your loved ones.

    One of the most dangerous ideas the strange, perverse cults of this world will try to bring into your house is this Darwin’s theory of evolution. An idea that says a man comes from a monkey. An idea that says relations can between man-man and woman-woman.

    An idea that says all the wonders and complexity in life, in existence, all around you stemmed from a magical big bang that came from nothingness.

    It’s these types of ideas that sit well in the the heart of the most dangerous elements of our society, and it’s for this reason above all that you should remain resolute in denying the teachings of Darwin. They are truly corrupt.

    Instead, on this February 12th, you should call your local schoolboard. Tell them that you do not support the likes of Hitler. That you do not think sexual relations between a monkey and a human should be condoned in your child’s school.

    Instead, on this February 12th, protect your family by demanding Creationism be taught as a science once again, as it was before the theory of Darwin started to infect our education system.

    Once we turn things back to the way they are supposed to be, the natural law of creation filling everyone’s heart, the world will truly be a better place.

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