• Heathen Dog Fornicates and Sins with A Cat

    February 18, 2009 7:14 pm 19 comments

    The homogay agenda has gone way too far now as perverse liberals are now encouraging their pets to engage in interspecies relations. It’s an abomination!

    The shock and horror you’ll experience when watching the following video will be unprecedented, good readers. How any person can consider themselves a human and do this sick Dr. Frankenstein nonsense to their pets is reprehensible and beyond question.

    Look here. Relations should only take place between a male and female of the same species. When God ordered Noah to save animals on Earth and line them up two by two, there was no talk of oh just grab a cat and a dog. An elephant and a lemur. No. God ordered a male and female of each kind, so that every line of animal could continue to survive the same forevermore.

    Now no telling what sort of evil abomination of a creature can be born from these perverted animal acts between a dog and a cat. A cog, or dat. Pittens?! I hate to even think about it. Hopefully these people realize the sin of their actions and know that this is a big offense against natural order.

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