• Hip Hopper Chris Brown Arrested – Mugshot Picture, Video and Herpes Update

    February 9, 2009 9:15 pm 5 comments

    Last night during the secular Grammy celebrations, the antithesis to the Dove Awards, media went abuzz as famed hip hopper Chris Brown did not make an appearance. Media speculation indicates that Brown was arrested for beating up his girlfriend, another hipster named Rihanna.

    Rihanna - Chris Brown's Assault Victim

    While there is nothing surprising about people involved with hipster hop music engaging in domestic disputes, drugs and other violence, this case is getting very much attention due to its timing.

    Many people have speculated if infidelity played a part in this case, guesses going as far as some people suggesting that Rihanna may have given Chris Brown a case of the herpes.

    For those who do not know, herpes is a very dangerous venereal disease that will never go away and causes your reproductive organs to slowly rot away. Various sources cite that the incidence of herpes is around 73% infection rate for unmarried couples who have had more than one sexual partner, if they use ‘protection’ from a condom or not.

    With this scientific fact in mind and the case of Chris Brown, abstinence should be something you naturally seek for your own good until you’re married.

    As for the herpes in this case, fortunately all reports indicate that Rihanna most assuredly did not give herpes to Chris Brown and it’s still not officially confirmed if she was the battered person in the case.

    What is known is that hip hop music leads to things like this, and that’s why parents most hold their kids to a standard of listening to proper music as it is very influential in life. Just think, this young Chris Brown fella is only 19 and it’s very unfortunate that he’s already found this type of trouble.

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