• Hollywood Atheists Preparing To Worship A Golden Idol Named ‘Oscar’ in Bizarre Ceremony

    February 22, 2009 6:23 am 11 comments
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  • Yesterday we were sent a very disturbing image that shows the loose pagans in Hollywood were preparing for some sort of demonic ceremony.

    As you may know this immoral cult ceremony is called ‘The Oscars’ and it is nothing but pure evil. Every year the gays, film directors, circus folks, actors and other impious harlots in Hollywood get together to worship this new age golden calf.

    If you look closely in the image you can also see a man is wearing a shirt with an evil skull on it.

    For those of you who have not been to Hollywood, it is a very bad place that will strike terror into your hearts.

    Around every dark corner there are women of the street, being forced into labor by very tough looking men of expected descent.

    Between a nearby town named Westwood and Hollywood, you’ll also see many people who look like the same as those to whom good President George Bush was trying to bring freedom. Many times they speak in foreign tongues while looking at you funny, slowly driving dark cars all the while.

    Sometimes they all stop and go into these foreign-named restaurants (e.g., Habeebee Gyspy) that play the devil’s music and where you can see the people inside sitting around tables and smoking very bad things from a long pipe that’s connected to a bowl with coals on top for some reason. It is most likely some form of drug induced idol worship.

    Drug needless and wandering vagabonds also litter the streets everywhere in Hollywood, all this stuff culminating to make it very, very scary.

    So as you see, this is the kingdom that worships Oscar and there is no good there. The people in Hollywood are not very nice and they all tend to vote for liberal democrat policies that weaken the foundations of the world’s greatest melting-pot, America.

    As this pagan ceremony and drunken moon-orgy fests where the participants drink the devil’s nectar takes place, keep a place in your heart for all the innocent children who have to live in proxy to the land that celebrates the false idol god of Hollywood.

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