• How Obama Got Elected and Stole Your Money

    February 24, 2009 2:04 am 11 comments

    Now that Obama has all of our money getting ready to come to him, he is smug. A good reader sent us this picture video capture of Obama and some of his ‘boyz’ rapping about their stolen victory over morality.

    obama getting arab money!!!! Pictures, Images and Photos

    There is nothing honorable about this man and his smug flaunting of your money in video is just not even tasteful.

    What we must ask ourselves is how did this all begin. How did Obama get into position to steal our money, entangle our country in messy wars and destroy the American economy?

    Racism. People were racist against McCain.

    Obama Elitist Pictures, Images and Photos
    Elitist Barack Obama threatens to beat John McCain for being a poor, innocent old man.

    Before getting into that, as you good folks know the Earth is in peril and it’s all the fault of the cursed liberals. At each and every opportunity, they murder children, steal money from good, hardworking homeowners and then sell off all our jobs and culture to godless foreigners.

    The most recent liberal victory was of course stealing the election from good Senator John McCain, a moral Republican. John McCain loves freedom so much that as a young man he took up arms to defend our nation and as an eloquent older gent, he did his best to win the presidency so he could continue to bring war to the no-good terrorists, as mandated by a divinely inspired George W. Bush.

    Now all was going well until this Barack Obama fellow came moseying along out of nowhere. How on Earth did such a man so inexperienced get to become president? I know the answer and I have definitive proof that will open your eyes more wide than those imp people on that immoral Japanese pornography that they hide under the name ‘anime’.

    First, as you know Mccain lost the election because the liberal agenda have converted many Americans into racists. Millions of people, especially out in the superficial West coast states were racist against McCain due to his age. This was very apparent at a rally in Hollywood City, where shallow and conceited celebrities looked down on the elderly everyman John McCain.

    John McCain was a self-made man, and the uppity and rich democrats from Barack’s posh home in Illinois all the way to the wealthy upper-East coast states could not stand that fact. They want to keep all the wealth to themselves, and that’s why the Obama stimulus package stinks. He’s just going to steal all our hard-earned money and give it to his racist, rich uppity New England friends who are so rich they don’t have to work for a living. “The jobless Americans who’ve suffered too long” as Obama calls them.

    Then there were racist people who just didn’t like the idea of a woman as McCain’s personal assistant, they call them vice-president in today’s PC term. All this no good racism is not what Martin Luther preached about when he had a dream of a better America. He would not take very kindly to all this prejudiced racism against John McCain and Sarah Palin.

    As sad as it is to know so many people betrayed that dream and couldn’t get over their bigotry, there’s something even more scary when reviewing the political science behind the last elections.

    Let us now look at this political map that shows the 2008 election results.

    Figure 1: Election political data shows racism (age and money variety) influenced results in many blue states. Other states show alarming skewed results due to voter fraud (Florida), drug influence (Colorado) and Mexicans couldn’t read ballots and were racist against McCain anyways (New Mexico).

    As you can see, I’ve already labeled the states with a significant portion of the population who voted due to being racists of some sort. Shame on those non-progressive, bigot states.

    What’s even more troubling is what I found in the other states that Obama managed to steal from Bush and McCain. If you look at Florida on the map, you’ll see that it has been infested with communists. Even with the good President Bush and his wise Brother Jeb Bush on guard, somehow the democrats allowed Cubans to sneak into Florida and illegally register to vote socialist.

    As you know, Florida loves Bush and voted for him in the last two elections. All of a sudden they don’t like McCain, a man who would continue to do the same as Bush? Get out. That is proof enough that there was voter fraud down in Florida and McCain should have demanded a recount.

    Now look at Colorado and Mexico. My sources tell me that in Denver, the capital of Colorado, that the corrupt politicians don’t lock criminal people away for years when they catch them with the urban wacky-tobacky, you know, the mary jane schwag. Of course it was no task for Obama to ‘persuade’ them to vote for him. This “New” Mexico as they call it was no different.

    My friends, the liberals really stole the last election and that is how Obama got elected. They stole, cheated, made underhanded deals and even allowed Mexican Cubans to vote in this very historic and important election.

    Now that Obama is in office, with so many states corrupted by both the racist institution and lies of liberalism, he is able to easily steal your money. As you saw in the past weeks, the GOP did their best to stop Obama and his minions from stealing our money and giving it away to the foreigners and his uppity friends who voted him into office.

    Like hordes of mindless zombies, in the end there were just too many of brainless democrats blindly eating up morality to feed their dark need to kill, steal and destroy.

    I’m very upset and I know you’re filled with anger too, and this good. Do not forget how the liberals cheat and steal to win elections come 2012. We can undo all the damage they do, but we can’t forget.

    We must never forget.

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