• How to Be Real In A Superficial World – Join The True Super Adventure Club of Piety (sermon)

    February 10, 2009 5:53 am Comments Off
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  • As was told even in the times of the gospels of the New Testament, we are certainly living in a very fast-paced, shallow and superficial world.

    The wisdom of man dictates that we should praise material things, or as famed Hawaiian rhythmic guitarist Jack Johnson puts it ‘fancy cars, clothes and diamond rings…bling-bling, these are all just removable things’.

    What really does matter? Is it our worldly possessions, our perceived knowledge? No, it is not.

    What matters this day and age is is your mind, and from your mind what you feel in your heart.

    Today’s message, How To Be Real In A Superficial World; joining up with a true super adventure club, a lifestyle full of deeds and acts not done for glory but for the good of others, will lead you a long way.

    - Jack Gould

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