• I Am Extremely Terrified Of Chinese People

    February 5, 2009 7:41 am 1,647 comments


    China is a sleeping dragon, waiting to wake up and viciously devour your life and soul!

    My friends, today you should beware the threat of China like never before! As you sit comfortably at home or toiling at work, the nation of China is training its male citizens like crazy so they can enact their eternal end goal…World Domination.

    I am extremely terrified of Chinese people, but I am not racist. You should feel the same way too.

    Much like their brethren in the USSR and the Democratic party, the Chinese are atheistic wonders. Their lack of morals means they have no problems developing WMDS with which to bring massive death, all while doing genetic manipulation and cloning to ensure population boom.

    Only 60 years ago, these Asian peoples joined up with Adoldf Hitler in order to destroy the most moral nation on Earth. Even though their attacks took the life of many good men on a day of infamy, America was blessed to rain bombs of freedom and nurture resultant liberty within a very dark Asian culture.

    Despite past American grace, the menace of the the People’s Republic of China truly a great peril to the world today. Indeed, these people seek nothing but to steal land from the West and kill you and your family dead in the process.

    Not only a few years ago, China managed to reconquer the lands of Hong Kong and steal it back from Great Britain, all while no one did anything about it.

    You see, dear readers, the fact of the matter is that the Chinese communists are very cold, calculating and harsh people. The core values of Chinese communism include wanton carnality, stealing, bringing death and providing slothful people with income. From the time it’s formed as a zygote, even every Chinese baby’s heart is innately filled with much hate for not only you, but your children as well. It’s a part of their cultural heritage to hate the good Eest.

    Historically, Chinese people have naturally wanted to bring destruction and great mayhem to all things American. Liberals will tell you lies and say this is not true and very extreme, but mark my words. Liberals want nothing more than to see a small population of American overran by billions of Asians. This is why they support abortion.

    Now skeptics and atheists out there will say that Chinese kill their young too, and yes, you’re right. It’s true. Reports show that each and every day the Chinese people brazenly sacrifice their young women in pagan ceremonies, so that their men may have more supplies and food stuffs to consume as they train for battle.

    What battle, you may ask?

    Know that the Chinese are going to attempt a great battle, battle being perhaps better described as a world domination plan. Such endeavors typify their nature, as their culture still does not value the principles of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

    Asia still is bitter about WW2, and how we showed them new ways to live outside their old Pagan tradition, and it’s for this reason that you must be very afraid. At its roots China embraces communism, a practice which noble men like Senator McCarthy, President Ronald Reagan and the somewhat liberal John Paul II fought against with all their heart.

    Much like when the Soviet Russians were the powerhouse of liberalism, the Chinese are busy performing all sorts of nuclear experiments, genetic manipulation and training of troops. They are even responsible for the recent housing market crunch and faltering US economy.

    How can we combat this communist threat?

    Right now, YOU CAN NOT. Bill Clinton was caught giving our nuclear secrets to China and President Obama has let them buy up all of our national debt. Not until you write your Congressman and demand McCarthyism once again be our national standard, the menage of Chila will continue to grow.

    Unfortunately, next time they may pick you and your precious family as their Pearl Harbor! Call your politicians today and demand a return of McCarthy, all for you and and the bring joy to your kid’s future.

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