• Joaquin Phoenix Letterman Appearance Is Very Odd

    February 12, 2009 7:26 am 2 comments
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  • Last night on David Letterman, Hollywood actor Joaquin Phoenix made an appearance. Phoenix’s name has been in the headlines of late as the actor announced an early retirement, a retirement which many industry insiders thought awkward and a farce.

    Looking at this very painful and odd clip, however, makes you realize that maybe there is a reason for Joaquin’s early retirement.

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    Very, very odd. In Joaquin’s defense, however, you must consider all he’s had to endure in his life. First off, he does not have a proper American name like Joe, Dick or Buck. His morally questionable name may have lead to much teasing and such when he was a kid.

    Joaquin has also never been the same since having to play the pagan-Greek god worshiping Commodus in the Hollywood film Gladiator. Often times actors get so wrapped up in their movie roles that they simply become the character. This is all the more proof that movies which require actors to depict figures from pagan cultures should either employ CGI for those characters, or a good session of ‘decompressing therapy’ with a counselor of the faith, after the film is completed.

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