• Miley Cyrus Slant Eye Asian Pose and Friends Help Convert Chinese Boy (picture)

    February 3, 2009 8:27 am 5 comments
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  • This is truly heartwarming. Young singer and actress Miley Cyrus, who has been employed by the sinful Disney Company (sins including promotion of cartoon magic, gay marches and so on), is certainly a person familiar to youngsters these days.

    Her marketing team has helped her succeed in the blessed realms of capitalism, putting young Miley Cyrus on trek to be a billionaire by the time she hits her 20s.

    As we know, however, the life of Hollywood can lead one astray and there has definitely been a war for Miley’s heart. Thus, we were happy to receive the following picture from our friend Miley.

    As you can see here, Miley and friends are in the process of sharing a laugh all while apparently converting the young Asian man in this picture to Christianity. You can tell because you can see several of the people in this picture wearing crosses.

    It’s always such a joy to see teens sharing the good word!

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