• Borneo Montauk Monster Is New Genetic Abomination

    February 20, 2009 5:17 am 18 comments
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  • Good lord, I cannot believe this critter exists. I do not know what in tarnations those genetic scientists have been up to but hear you me, it was not anything proper or right.

    Now there’s a new creature that must have escaped from one of their labs in a place called Borneo. That’s between here and Asia. They are calling it the Montauk Monster and it is PROOF of why genetic science manipulation is the devil. Lookie here what I done found:



    Now some reporters are trying to act all baffled and mystified by what’s going on here, but you know as well as I do that this is just sheer evil. Just look at it. It’s ain’t natural and it surely is not right.

    It’s an ABOMINATION to natural order that some geneticists created and frankly I’d like to know what else those Dr. Frankenstein’s are creating in their secret island labs. You’ve all seen Jurassic Park with the imaginary dinosaurs and you know that geneticists have been working on actual cloning some time now.

    My scientific opinion is that this critter demon looks like the cross of a demon and a wild hog, with some bird of some sort in it, probably ostrich.

    From my research the scientists here took some of the DNA from the ostrich, then purified it through their advanced science techniques, then combined it with the hog. The hog dna expresses more cause it is unfiltered.

    They then used electrolysis to shock it all together and make it come to life in a pietre’s disk (probably some Russian enigma box) then this is what they got.

    Now people will ask who on Earth managed to find this scientific evil and there is video of three women who were just minding their own business, moseying around on a beach and talking it up like women tend to do, and the site of this creature sat upon their eyes. It had to be scary. Here is an interview.

    All of this is very disturbing and I’m quite worried that they are going to create something even more evil then a Montauk Monster demon. What if they are cloning together a flying bird and lion. A shark and a cheetah.

    Imagine just minding your own business on the beach one day, like those three women folks up there, when suddenly a fin out on the ocean’s horizon charges to you at 70 mile per hour. Being on land you don’t think nothing of it, but then it jumps out, chases you down and then can eat you dead with all its teeth.

    This is not a game and a reality. Like I said all these genetic evolutionists boys have to use is their fancy labs and these pietre’s disks, shock the mixtures altogether and then you get these hellspawn creatures running and catching dead every which way.

    I don’t like it, my wife and family is scared they can get ate and we need to start a petetion. So we are. Join up and tell your friends too. We will not stand for this type of abuse and nonsense. Thank you.


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