• Nancy Reagan Caught Sitting on Mr. T’s Lap (picture)

    February 1, 2009 10:42 am 7 comments

    The Liberal Media is now claiming to have definitive proof that an affair took place between none other than Mr. T and the noble Nancy Reagan, the wife of one of the greatest Moral Leaders in the history of Earth, Ronald Reagan.

    This is what the liberals have heralded as their picture evidence:

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    As everyone should know, Nancy Reagan and Mr. T held a special friendship as they are both religious and hated to see kids doing drugs.

    You can chalk this one up to propaganda, as liberals want all of your kids to be druggies as they say it encourages ‘free thinking’. Free thinking is the exact type of nonsense that propagated thing like the 1960s, which by no coincidence is when the creation of bad drugs, gangstas/drug dealers getting to fearlessly and equally eat at your restaurants and other precursors to the woes of this drug age had their start.

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