• Nude Chinese Woman Named Li Qin Poses Naked for Father’s Art

    February 3, 2009 7:19 am 31 comments

    Immorality stirs in Asia, this time in a story that is just almost too crazy and disgusting for words. Prepare yourself for a very sad story but strong example of why we must endeavor to enlighten our Chinese Asian friends.

    Chinese painter Li Zhuangping is the proud man you’ll see in the properly censored photo below. He took liberties with his daughter, Li Qin, as she agreed to pose nude for a very big series of paintings that he wanted to create. Sources indicate the painting series is entitled ‘Oriental Goddess Mountain Spirit Series’.

    In this series of paintings, he has his daughter posting erotically and nude in many different settings, and as seen in our included example has her posting nude and suggestively next to an animal. Let us take a look:

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    From a point of ethics, this image and the rest of the series images (linked below) are clearly wrong. Though the father and daughter say otherwise, citing that “it’s just art”, having our hearts enlightened by American ethics and morality, we naturally understand and can easily see the error of these misguided Asian ways.

    First off, the title of the series of paintings is ”Oriental Goddess Mountain Spirit Series’. This obviously goes back to Japanese tradition of worshiping false gods and animal spirits, an antiquated tradition that is still quite common in lesser or primitive cultures.

    With such a moral bearing, it’s no surprise that this Asian father does not see why it is wrong to have his grown daughter strip to nothing and engage in pornography with him. As if that is not wrong enough, the father created several images where Li Qin sits very suggestively on top of animals, clearly an endorsement of interspecies sexual relations and perversions.

    Friends, we have much work to do in educating the Chinese Asians. There adherence to pagan religions and lack of morality when it comes to relations is destroying their culture. But how can we fully blame them if they have not been shown the proper way to live?

    That’s a question that I hope truly troubles your heart as you consider this sad story and why mission work to Japan and beyond is of utmost importance.

    From the source:

    The incident of painter Li Zhuangping having his daughter be his nude model has caused heated discussion. Ethnics expert states, from an ethical point of view, Li Zhuangping’s actions are indeed wrong, affecting relatively negatively society’s sexual morality. Painter father-daughter pair say: “No matter what colored glasses other people wear to look at us, we are very magnanimous.”

    Li Zhuangping is a Sichuan artist and his daughter’s name is Li Qin. She said she is only willing to be a human model in her father’s oil paintings and “cannot accept” being a model in other ways such as film, etc. Not only does Li Zhuangping and his daughter explain that this is purely for art, his wife also agreed and also said that she is “pretty envious” of her daughter for being able to use such a beautiful way to capture her youth, an opportunity she sadly did not have when she was young and beautiful before.

    Nude Pictures of Li Qin
    (Warning: The above link is NSFW and should NOT be clicked. It is sinful and should be added to your Internet Filter. The anonymous member who sent this to us at holymailbox@christwire.org foretold it contains material that ebbs toward Western Style nudity.

    Western nudity is different from Tribal nudity (like seen on National Geographic) in that the former is clearly made to tempt Western men, while the latter is simply observing the daily life of lesser cultures who need to be taught better.

    While the Asians in this story clearly full into a tribal religion mindset and lifestyle, it’s reported that the father’s hand has learned the way of sinful pornography that would make the likes of Playboy very proud).

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