• Obama Bin Laden – America’s Greatest Error or Odd New Hope

    February 18, 2009 1:06 pm 6 comments
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    Everyone on the liberal left laughed it up when prophetic conservatives on fine stations such as Fox News, with independent journalists such as the graceful Ann Coulter or Michell Cmalkin as well, questioned the character of Barack Hussein Obama. Could this man be trusted? Could his name more accurately be that of our great enemy, Osama Bin Laden?

    Well now signs are starting to point to yes and the likes of Jon Stewart and other liberal miscreants don’t find it so funny now, now do they?

    Today it was revealed by our favorite sweet and brilliant journalist Michelle Malkin that Barack Obama is turning America communist. Basically, you’re going to have to equally pay off the mortgage responsibility of everyone else. This is exactly how it works in places like China and USSR.

    On top of that Barack Obama has used his mystic influence to make members of Reagan’s GOP actually consider the NATIONALIZATION OF BANKS. Stimulus packages…universal housing payments…national banks.

    You know who else did that when taking office? Hitler. I’m scared and I’m sure you are now too. No one should be laughing here.

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