• PARENT ALERT – Took A Sip From My Devil Cup Game

    February 10, 2009 9:16 pm 12 comments

    There is a new game teens are playing in middle school all across the nation, that game is called ‘Took A Sip From My Devil Cup’.

    Much like the very scary Rainbow Parties that plagued the nation last year, this new game of ‘Took A Sip From My Devil Cup’ is patently evil and directly accountable for the many STDs being transmitted among high school students. If your teen has ever gone out with their friends after 8pm on the weekend or gone to a house party, they were surely playing this frightening game.

    Moms Talk About Scary Rainbow Parties

    What’s scary is the Devil Cup Sipping game is far worse than the Rainbow Parties. What happens is that teens fill up a cup with whatever concoction they wish, then they find a member of the opposite sex to drink it. The implications and dangers of this is obvious, especially if there are exploitative college aged hooligans at the party.

    To date reports indicate these dangerous parties may have contributed to booming rates of pregnancy, disease, drug addiction and even drug addiction in your teens. It’s sad the name of these parties may derive from the lyrics of a song by band Toxic, which coincidentally the song name is Took A Sip From My Devil Cup.

    Unless you want a daughter who ends up addicted to crystal meth while being pregnant and riddled with disease, you should ban your kids from attending any parties at all. Instead, teach them fun weekend activities include reading, catching up on study and perhaps even going out briefly with friends for iced cream on a pleasant afternoon, of course with supervision if it’s a co-ed mixer event.

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