• Parents, Please Stop Dressing Your Daughters Like Sluts

    February 5, 2009 7:57 pm 12 comments

    One of the most disturbing trends in modern times has to do with the sliding scale of what’s the appropriate standard for children’s clothing. With a new line of Juicy products being targeted for pre-teens and annually a very distasteful display of Halloween costumes, this is a topic that needs to be expanded.


    You’ve seen these types of get-ups when visiting the mall, I’m sure. There are certain lines of clothing designed to exploit a teenager’s desire to mimic slutty and generally worthless pop idols like Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan.

    This clothing is typically low-cut around the breast area, exposes the midriff and rides high in the back (and pants hug tight and low) as to expose the top end of the butt and the obligatory tramp-stamp for when the teen is a senior in high school. Sometimes the pants say Juicy or Yummy on the backside. A recent shirt I saw a girl — about 9 or 10 years old — wearing had an animated taco placed improperly over the chest with the words ‘Spicy Little Numbers’ in pink, glittery and rounded words. The reference was obvious.

    Glitter is sometimes also put around the exposed middle area to add to the sex appeal and catch attention from the wrong people.

    While teenager’s do need to discover their sexuality, be educated about safe sex, and be allowed to grow into it with their respective cohorts, (or you end up with a girl like Bristol Palin), corporations are pushing the envelope too far and parents are letting old corporate pricks in suits have their way with their kids.

    These slutty outfits are simply getting too outlandish, are starting make teens and even PRETEENS focus on sexuality too much and are helping create a culture in which young girls are being reinforced with the idea that their bodies are simply crafted to be ogled. Parents are letting corporate assholes get away with this.

    PhotobucketWhat set me off on this trend, aside from what I’ve observed through the years in public, was a line of Halloween and damn Hello Kitty products being marketed for 5-12 years old. Nothing is right about this and, listen here, damned parents who let their daughters dress in this type of clothing.

    I do not care how much of a tantrum your little girl throws. You do not let your kid put on something like this, at all. Sure, there is a degree of compromise when parenting but if you don’t want your kid growing up with the wrong ideas about their bodies, or want them to come up missing on the 5 o’clock news, you don’t have them gallivanting alone about the mall or trick-or-treating in crap like this.

    At this point I think we all understand that corporate men and women are evil and will exploit us, the lowly consumer, every chance they get. We see that the executives at AIG, who the US just bailed out for $85 billion last week, have already spent $400,000.00 on a vacation to ‘get away from the stress’. Fortunately Congress caught that one and all those execs may be fired.

    What’s not being caught by parents, unfortunately, are the executives who are exploiting our children. Whenever I see girls today, a preteen with stressed hair, glittery blue and pink make-up and a proto-Vegas stripper outfit to shine, I can’t help think back to the tragedy of Jon-Benet. A girl pushed far too hard to be something she should not have been; an adult.

    Kids need to be kids. Whatever happened to marketing comfortable, well-fitted clothing to kids and letting them grow on their own. This selling a culture of sex to our children needs to stop. Parents, don’t buy into it. If you have a younger sibling who wears this nonsense, steal their stuff. It’s hurting our society and the only people who can stop this dangerous trend is the consumer.

    Because any other way, business loving assholes are going to keep trying to sell sex to girls at younger and younger ages. It’s already started…


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