• Pop Star Beyonce Has ‘Nipple Slip’ At Pagan Oscar Ceremony, Hugh Jackman Onlooking

    February 25, 2009 11:00 am 9 comments

    Last week we were warned about the dangers of allowing your family to watch Hollywood’s 81st annual Oscar award ceremonies, where they give out little golden idols to the most politically active Democrat actors and actresses in Hollywood.

    Yet, many folks still watched the Oscars and without surprise our emails were inundated with reports from several loyal readers who were concerned by the antics of a pop singer named Beyonce Knowles. In a piece of photographic evidence from a loyal reader from Texas, it is claimed that Beyonce experienced a ‘nipple slip’, which an internet search reveals to be a potentially unwarranted (though oft times intentional) baring of one’s conventionally covered private regions to the public.

    Here’s what Greg from Texas sent us:

    I would like to thank Greg for taking the time to censor this image for being unmoral, as all types of nude, carnal sin surely dwells underneath that picture. One should also note the pitch of this Hugh Jackman’s eyeballs. Is he being tempted and lead astray by the spirit of the Oscar ceremonies.

    Just as much as the false god Ares of myth was said to inspire those in his proxy to engage in senseless battle, as we warned the Oscars encourage those in their proxy to engage in the Hollywood antics of impiety.

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