• Punxsutawney Phil, Did the Puxatony Groundhog See His Shadow Day 2009

    February 2, 2009 10:20 am 1 comment

    Today pagans and evolutionists are celebrating Groundhog Day, the day where they ask if the possessed Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow.

    According to evolution science, the Puxtony groundhog species is immortal and is able to discern the next year’s trend of weather patterns. They claim that every year, this groundhog comes out to see if it sees his shadow, and from there weather patterns and success of harvest will be foretold in shadow prophesy.

    This clearly goes back to ritual magic of lesser cultures who had not yet been taught the Truth at the time. It’s a sad sham that this ridiculous ceremony is still being carried out in modern science and a matter of concern by many non-enlightened people.

    Reports from dangerous liberal site Huffpost claim the mystical Puxatony groundhog saw its shadow and therefore the cold of winter will continue on through February. I’m pretty sure there was no mention of immoral weather prophet ground hogs anywhere in the story of Noah.

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