• Real Men Eat Meat, Vegans Are Gay and Hate Nature

    February 1, 2009 11:36 am 52 comments

    Hello, good friends. Joe Reagan here and one question is on my mind today. Why do vegans hate nature?

    Humanity has long been plagued by many rogue elements. The most dangerous and harmful of these are extremists: NAZIs, feminists and false-religious zealots. You get the idea. Of all foul extremists, there is one group who seeks to not only ruin your way of life, but also destroy your children’s future. Vegans.

    Those who deny the true religious evolutionary heritage of man will try to guilt-trip you for eating animals. You’ll hear that you are hell bound for enjoying a juicy steak. You will be told that you are naturally cruel for devouring some succulent lobster.

    You see, friends, the fact is this. Any sane person realizes that animals should be respected and appreciated, not abused and tortured. The problem here lies with extremists who have a peculiar passion for animals. They want to deny the good nature of mankind’s natural order, to eat meat. They want to put their selfish ideals above the overall good for humanity.

    And that’s where we are today. We live in a world where people will massively rally against meat-eaters, yet are nowhere to be found when humans are suffering through starvation and genocide. Where are the priorities, where are the morals?

    I will tell you exactly where they are. Lost. Our priorities and morals are fading, not because we do not fight for causes, but because we are becoming more and more selfish and fighting for the wrong causes. Until we learn to respect ourselves, that is humanity as a whole, in a level never seen before, our society will continue to have injustice and failure.

    Genocide to this day continues without universal protest. Millions of people will die from starvation, yet the population of overweight/obese people far outnumber those who are malnourished.

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketAs you may recall, I hosted a massive BBQ at my place some time ago. A little skirmish broke out between a random vegan and my old buddy, “Ted”. At some point, the vegan managed to anger Ted (a classic good ol’ boy).

    A bit sauced from consuming a big amount of his patented meat marinade, straight Guinness, Ted wasn’t in the best of moods. Before I could even get to the grilling area to deescalate the situation, Ted already had the trouble-maker in a headlock and was trying to force feed him some steak. It was amusing, albeit bad.

    After things settled down and we broke the two apart, I asked Ted a question, as per custom: “Why did you do it?” “Easy”, he said, “he wanted to screw my day with his views, I thought I’d return the favor and shove some meat down his throat.” Eye for an eye, this is classic Ted logic.

    After getting Ted cooled, I checked to see if the instigator was alright. I offered him a cold beverage, which he declined for water, then asked him why he started in on Ted, who was doing the grilling that day. The vegan had been invited to the BBQ with a friend, and though he didn’t plan to start trouble, couldn’t resist when he saw the amount of meat Ted was dishing out. Fair enough. He “Just had to do something. People are worthless, barbaric and sick.”

    Those were the words that caught my ear: “…just had to do something. People are worthless, barbaric and sick” How awesome would Earth be if people felt so passionately, for the good of each other, that they “just had to do something” when another was being wronged, because naturally and clearly, all people are sick. That would be in the socialist John Lennon’s “Imagine” levels of Utopia.

    That’s the point I wanted to reach with today’s message. It’s good to push for and stand up for in what you believe. A society without passion stands in danger of corruption. In the same sense, a society infused with too much passion becomes segmented, self-serving and will eventually lose the right to be progressive.

    Beyond this, there is something even more important. And this is the point the vegan, and likely a good portion of his minions, miss out on.

    Despite our bad qualities, the value of life of man is important. We are created by divine design. A part of our existence should involve protecting nature. As much as we shouldn’t senselessly burn down a forest, we should not torture animals. This does not mean we do not have a natural right, as decreed, that we can use plants and animals for sensible purposes, for our survival, lifestyle and enjoyment. Yes, it is natural order, and yes, it is good.

    So vegans, my message to you is this. Stop hating humanity, or more accurately, stop hating yourself. Embrace natural order. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a tender bite of meat. It served your ancestors well, and it can serve you well. Your attitudes and general beliefs are a portion of what is wrong with society. We are viewing humanity as less than “humane”, thus not caring for our fellow man. If we cannot accept, respect and embrace ourselves, we will never achieve a standard for an ideal society.

    If you respect the nature of man, today you will fire up your grill (or if too cold fire up the stove) and eat a steak. Your body is already equipped to process the delicious meat, naturally. After doing this, take up a real cause to better humanity, lest one day humanity destroys itself and our planet be ruled by by apes.
    =Joe P. Reagan=

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