• Sarah Palin Was Exploited As A Doll Too

    February 18, 2009 3:39 pm 2 comments
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  • Last week the liberal media made a big fuss after a company decided to make dolls that were blatantly in the image of Malia and Sasha Obama. Now while I don’t defend or take well to that company’s actions at all, where was all this fuss when Sarah Palin was being sold as a doll and exploited for all sorts of carnal playtime wonder?

    Yes, during the campaign the liberals resorted to reducing Sarah Palin to a Barbie Doll, so they could ogle her and demean her all in attempts at bashing her character and making her lose votes. These dolls were being sold all over the liberal market and they were selling like hotcakes. Before we continue with the story, here are pictures of the Sarah Palin action figure dolls.

    Warning: The following images are very impious and if you have children in the room or have struggled with carnal sins in the past, please go away to another page as people of more resolved faith stand witness to these offenses:

    Sarah Palin Action Figure 1

    Sarah Palin Action Figure 2

    and oh yes, Sarah Palin Action Figure 3

    Action figure number 2 looks especially naughty.

    The company behind the madness, herobuilders.com, released the line of toy’s in obvious conjunction with the ongoing presidential elections.  On their product page, you can buy these Sarah Palin action figures for the price of $27.95 for the business suit or for the naughy short skirt Catholic-school-girl dress Sarah Palin ones for $29.95.  I wonder why more money for less clothing, hmm?

    Also on the product page, there appears to be a hastily made shirtless Barack Obama and anger-faced John McCain doll.  Now those were clearly made so we couldn’t accuse them of having a clear sexist, political agenda — things we would never support — with having three Palin dolls.  Senator Biden seemed to be left out of the fun for some reason.

    While we do know on the surface these dolls are very depraved, it remains unconfirmed if the dolls are using the standard for toy-anatomy, but we’re sure some pagan atheist sicko out there has already ordered and skirt peaked.

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