• Scary Chinese Woman Goes Insane in Airport, Terrorizes 767 Passengers

    February 17, 2009 10:30 pm 11 comments
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  • Fearful panic and chaos was the scene at a Hong Kong airport this week, as a typical Chinese woman went into a rage and terrorized airline passengers in a frightening display of unbridled aggression, anger and hate.

    As you know, only a decade ago, Hong Kong was a very peaceful nation that was under the moral protection of Britain. Daily its residents were able to enjoy freedom and liberty, all while living together in peaceful harmony and accord.

    This celebration of peace and prosperity did not sit well with the atheist Chinese, and without precedent China suddenly declared war on Hong Kong, where millions of Chinese foot soldiers and tanks quickly blitzed and brought much destruction to the innocent British colonists and their native-indian friends in Hong Kong.

    With the liberal Bill Clinton in office in 1997, Britain was not able to get the help it needed to ward of the Chinese incursion and as such Hong Kong quickly fell to the conquering Chinese communist forces in the same year.

    All this changed the outlook of the once peaceful land of Hong Kong, as Chinese commonly treat all other inhabitants like second rate citizens there and will stop at nothing to fight off anyone who would try to stand in the way of their innate imperialistic tendency.

    We all know the story of how the Chinese even used commiekazis (‘divine’ wind pilots) to suicide bomb American warships with planes the first time America stopped their expansion during World War 2.

    The footage of this lady going on a tirade against native-Hong Kongans and British still trapped in the now communist regime is truly troubling, and if we continue to let the Chinese take land this will be the type of rage air passengers worldwide will have to endure forevermore from their Chinese overlords.

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