• She Left Me For Jesus, Hayes Carll

    February 16, 2009 1:28 am Comments Off
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  • As first reported by the sadly sinful site Unreasonable Faith, there is a new music video out that is called She Left Me For Jesus. This blasphemous anthem is performed by a certain Hayes Carll. I am both disgusted and appalled at this ‘music’. Just you take a listen. The lyrics follow the video:

    We”ve been datin since high school we never once left this town
    we use to go out on the weekends and we”d drink til we drowned
    but now shes acting funny and I dont understand
    I think that shes found her some other man


    she left me for jesus and that just aint fair
    she says that hes perfect how could I compare
    she says I should find him and ill know peace at last
    if I ever find jesus im kickin his ass

    she showed me a picture all I could do was stare
    at that freak in his sandals with his long pretty hair
    they must think that im stupid or I dont have a clue
    ill bet hes a commie or ever worse yet a jew

    repeat chorus

    shes given up whiskey and ah takin up wine
    while she prays for his troubles shes forgot about mine
    im a gonna get even I cant handle the shame
    why last time we made love she even called out his name

    repeat chorus

    it coulda been carlos or even billy ortez
    but if I ever find jesus
    hes gonna wish he was dead amen

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