• Slutty College Girls Use Scripture As Tramp Stamps

    February 5, 2009 4:23 pm 18 comments

    During my time as youth leader at Langley CC, my eyes have borne witness to all sorts of immoral trends, many of which will be the subject of my new book this fall.

    PhotobucketOne of the most shocking I’ve seen to date, however, involves what’s called a ‘tramp stamp’ in the collegiate vernacular. Simply put, college girls who are of a more morally questionable nature have decided to employ tattoos as a method of letting guys know they will readily engage in premarital relations after a night of drinking.

    What these college girls do is place a tattoo on the lower small of their back, as seen in the very harlot-saddled image to the left. With this symbol on the back, college guys know that the girl will have no objection to engaging in all sorts of sexual deviance and perversions. (And if your teen is trying to get one of these, forbid it now that you know what it means to college guys!)

    So for this very reason, you should understand why I am truly troubled by the following image:

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    That’s a tramp stamp designed right after a scripture in the Bible. When I saw this for the first time, I didn’t know what to do. Shock and horror overwhelmed me and fortunately this picture archive can instill the same feelings in the hearts of parents.

    Friends, the hands of the enemy constantly toil to pervert your teenage kids who are entering college. Unless you’re sending your children to a private religious university or seminary, and one that’s not compromised to liberals, you have much to concern yourself about.

    This trend is clearly the work of those who want to corrupt both morality and your children, and against that, we must educate ourselves and shelter our kids against this type of thing even more.

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