• The Communist Chinese Stole Our Jobs

    February 15, 2009 4:27 am 25 comments
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    I’m so very frustrated right now and you should be too. As you know, America is suffering one of the most tragic economic crunches since The Great Depression. The numbers are staggering; we’re trillions in debt, noble businesses are being forced to shut down and millions upon millions of good people are without jobs.

    While the media is trying to act like they don’t know what’s going on, it’s pretty darned obvious and excuse my crassness there. There is a source for all of our economic woes and lack of jobs. There is a very good reason why it’s so hard for a good, skilled American like you to find a job.


    The Chinese stole our jobs and are now attempting to hijack your quality of life.

    Under the wise leadership of George Bush, the economy was re-balanced and things were not so bad. The government was able to easily give out a stimulus package last year so as to give Americans extra money with which to buy nice luxury items, as it was a time of plenty.

    But since the vile Barack Obama came to office, he’s conspired with Asiatics to steal your jobs. Since Obama has been in office, the Chinese have made gains in industry and jobs all while Detroit big auto is rusting, American banks are being forced closed and nationwide, innocent little children are going hungry as their loyal American parents cannot find work.

    In a recent report, the atheist Chinese government boasted that they will steal an additional 775,000 jobs from America by 2010. This is an outrage!

    They will do jobs that Americans have traditionally loved doing, including parts assembly and field labor work. At least when the Mexicans steal our jobs, they have the decency to come to our nation to do it. The Chinese are simply stealing the jobs and taking them back across the Atlantic to their pagan homelands.

    My fellow compatriots, we cannot continue to allow China to steal our jobs. Obama already let them rob up all of our money, which is why our country is now in debt. All of our dollars are over in China, being used to steal jobs and according to some reports, their capital city of Shanghai has several hotels using the American dollar as toilet tissue!

    I’m outraged. They are stealing our money, our jobs and next they want our culture. Maybe next they will steal our male babies too, to add to their every-growing army that’s planning world domination.

    My friends, now is the time to make all of this end. Do you like not being dead? Do you like liberty? Do you want your kids to have a safe, happy future?

    If the answer to these questions is yes, and you don’t want your daughters being bludgeoned in sacrifice for population control, you’d better take heed.

    To protect America you must buy only products that are made in America. Now some of you will say, ‘but I tried that and just about everything says made in China’. To you I say stop being a excuse-wielding wimp and be a patriot.

    Just like your ancestors of old, if the product doesn’t properly exist make it yourself and open a store to sell it. The only way we can rebuild America is buy isolating ourselves to buy our own products, all while still coercing everyone else to give us their resources for cheap and use the dollar as their trading standard.

    This is the way the world has always worked best and we must make it that way again. When America is strong, the world is secure. When that balance is upset, you get the mess we have now.

    So today, friends, start buying American and make your nation great once again, lest the glistening buttons of an invading Chinese soldier’s uniform be the last piece of prosperity your eyes see!

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