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    February 11, 2009 5:29 am 25 comments

    The liberals on the infamous BJ Radio Show made haha-hooey over a very serious piece in which our esteemed colleague Jack Gould reviewed a new very serious threat to our society.

    The threat of course was the CyberDildonic robot device, which is a prototype device evolutionary scientists eventually plan to have replace modern men and women.

    Number Six
    Creative Commons License photo credit: Cyberesque
    Sentient Sexbots are Dangerous

    As we were informed, the device currently tempts young men via the lust, and encourages them to engage in pornography, which is drugs for the mind.

    The device can simulate the movement of a woman in real time, which is simply makes it a bizarre abomination. The implication of such a device is clear.

    Scientists one day plan on creating a male version of this device and placing within it the seed of life. They’ll then take one of those robots the Japanese are making and boom, they’ll say the robot is to replace men in the bed.

    Women will claim they can marry these robots, and society will reach an all new low. This is a fate worse than even imagined on the very dangerous science fiction television series, Battlestar Galactica with all the sentient robots going around having unnatural, premarital sex and claiming life exists on planets outside Earth. That show is just wrong.

    Anyway, to point. The people on the BJ Radio Show are immoral and you should go and protest their site here.

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