• The Scary Japanese Robot Threat to America, Earth

    February 11, 2009 8:49 am 19 comments
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  • As you know, Japan is currently a hotzone nation, that is a region where the people are full of promise but lack the light to show them the way to morality. There is a battle between good and evil for the minds within Japan.

    During my last mission trip to Japan, I uncovered and encountered many eye-opening accounts that included their perverse television habits, scary gay festivals and even their sly, sinister plan of sneaking hentai tentacle perversion animes to your children!

    We certainly cannot forget Dan’s alarming warnings of this new bizarre trend of cephalerotica and them doing questionable nude art as well.

    More so than not, despite their transgressions against America in the past, the people of Japan are some of the most sweet, gentle and impassioned. They love life.

    And naturally, that’s how it should be. Everyone on Earth is fearfully and wonderfully made, and at the core people are good by nature. Nevertheless, the influence and persuasions to do evil are abundant in liberal societies, and Japan is not an exception.

    As you may know, after America saved Earth from the NAZI-Asia alliance during World War 2, the compassionate government of our great land sought to teach the vanquished enemies of good the way of sciences, arts and civics. This was done not only out of compassion, but to also teach the good people of Japan that there was more to life than being a Kamikaze war-monger.

    Since that time our former enemies in Japan have progressed quite impressively in the field of science, specifically robotics. Though robotics can have good applications for Earth, I fear that with Japan leading the way in the field of robotics (behind the USA), that we are all in danger.

    Quite simply, Japan is creating robots that are both creepy and frightening.

    The Creepy Japanese Robot Menace

    As you well know, the Japanese represent a very uninhibited society who does actions first and then asks questions later. If a future government ever does employ lifeless robots in a perverse form of martial law, where you’re not allowed to have your Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth manuals or need a “special mark” to do something like shop for food, rest assured that it will all start in the heart of Tokyo (probably in some weird gameshow)

    That said, the latest abomination of robot is named Saya the Receptionist. With a face like the one on this robot, you’d expect to see it warding off evil spirits in a rural swamp.

    Now, before showing you see this video I’m first going to preface it with a Do No Want Tech warning label.

    Ha! Not enough warning, right!

    Good, that’s the same amount of warning you’ll have before Ms. Roboto here shows up to tell you resistance is futile, prostate probing is eminent.

    On to the video..

    Now if being attacked by such foul-faced robots is not scary enough, scientists at Osaka University have plan to continue to release updates to the latest and most human robot to date in their long-standing Repliee series. This particular robot has caught major attention due to the amount of detail, somewhat actually disturbing, and advanced features the robot science team implemented.

    Based on a real five-year-old Japanese girl, this machine is supposed to be the most human built to date.

    The first reaction critics and admirers alike seemed to agree on is that the robot itself is a bit creepy. At the premiere for this machine, several people were concerned that the scientists seem to take time to actually put what appeared to be ‘crusted sleep’ in its eyes.

    Aside from the questionable aesthetics, this advanced robot has sensors which will be developed so it may do very basic tasks for elderly and disabled. These tasks will allegedly include object retrieval, locomotive assistance, holding conversation and providing entertainment.

    This particular Repliee R-1 model uses a silicone based skin to achieve human texture and is a part of a series that includes the original Repliee Q1 and Repliee Q2 (Ando-san) models, as reviewed below.

    All robots in this series are also being developed to include very human actions. Each robot is already programmed and designed to blink and breathe. Repliee Q2, the most advanced adult human female model, is being programmed to carry on basic and eventually complex conversation. The Japanese government is backing the robotic servant sector as it expects that within only 10 years, the robotic industry will reach a demand in excess of $10 billion USD.

    Repliee Q1 Robot

    Repliee Q2 Robot (Ando-san)

    Now while these robots may look innocent and feeble enough right now, do not be fooled.

    Remember, as good as the Japanese are at their core, they do have a tendency to let their ability get ahead of their morality. It’s a learning process. The same reason Hitler was able to tempt them to use their knowledge of sailing to sneak attack Pearl Harbor may be the very same reason a future dictator, let’s call him Nicolai Carpathia, will be able to persuade Japan to sneak attack your country with these robots, having them pin you down to give you evil marks and renounce your faith.

    These robots will also be used with those immoral cyberdildonics technology we discussed as well. Sexbots. That’s going to be the application of any Japanese headed robotic field.

    For these reasons above all, it’s my personal opinion that the good people of Japan are not yet ready for robot technology. America should indeed dictate that the UN sends peacekeepers into Japan to peacefully shut down all their robot research facilities.

    Much as with nuclear arms, the field of robotics has way too many dangerous applications and should be only trusted to a responsible, moral nation like America, who only uses technology to bring peace and stability to the world.

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