• The Power of God Smites Soundboards At Atheist’s The BJ Radio Show

    February 16, 2009 6:07 am 15 comments

    As many of our readers know, last week the immoral miscreants behind the New York based BJ Radio show decided to encourage their listeners to sin and attack our fine community here at ChristWire.

    Show host ‘Bizza’ reportedly has a very special meaning behind the “BJ” in BJ Radio show.

    In unprecedented acts of villainy, the fans of The BJ Radio Show flooded our servers with indecent images and even tricked several of our female college interns into befriending them on Facebook, at which point they made perverse comments on their pages.

    These actions are simply hedonistic, but the people at The BJ Radio Show just had to come back for more. In attempts to lead more people into the temptation of lust, BJ Radio hosts openly re-mocked a sermon excerpt made by our good friend Jack Gould.

    You can read and hear their immoral mockery here.

    Vexed, several of our Moral Leaders soon after called them up and demanded they censor such blasphemy from their site, and instead of being reasonable they refused! They refused a little moral censoring.

    This left us with no choice but to turn our prayer warriors loose on their heathen lands, as to bring a plague of all sorts of misfortune to their radio show.

    As you can guess, our prayers worked and over the past week 3 of the hosts fell ill with sickness, while the soundboard in their studio blew up and started an electrical fire. They have been unable to produce a show since their mockery.

    Yet, much like King Pharaoh, these fools still have not learned their lessons. They still refuse to let us censor them and bring morality to their community. For this, they will surely endure a fate even worse than sickness or exploding sound boards. Glory!

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