• The Soviet Russian Red Army Is Going To Kill Us Dead!

    February 23, 2009 6:24 pm 15 comments
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  • The Soviet Red Army is on the rise and their only true goal is to nuke you and your loved ones dead. Right now it is very cold, dark, wet…and very, very I’m afraid. In your heart you should be scared too.

    Soviet Russians have always had it out for us because they are jealous of our freedom.

    Soviets Pictures, Images and Photos
    Common poster that adorns the wall in ever Russian family commune.

    In the 1960s, a Russian democrat named Krushchev corrupted the heart of a young Christian named Fidel Castro in Cuba. He was a pious, devout man who loved America until through their atheistic mystics, the Soviet liberals turned poor Castro’s heart to the dark side of communism.

    With all the good naturally sucked right out of him, Castro worked tirelessly with the Soviets so they could kill the children of The Greatest Generation, that is, the very Americans that had saved Earth from the no good NAZIs and their allies only twenty years earlier.

    As we’ve seen time and time again in history, the villains against the moral nation of America were vanquished and Cuba was no exception. Through brilliant Republican leadership and advisement a young John Kennedy was used to bring the conflict to a peaceful end.

    But as you’ve seen accurately portrayed in 80s war movies, the communist desire for peace is null and their hearts are filled with wanton bloodlust, a lust that can only be satiated with the blood from our dead bodies.

    Today in the USSR, millions of well-trained young Russians rallied in the streets
    , yelling out pagan communist war chants and brandishing signs that displayed phrases like “”Our cause is just. It will be our victory!”.

    There was once a time when communists used to hide in fear and cower in terror because they respected the strong, moral hands of America.

    During the 1980s, America was blessed with the most brilliant leader of modern times in Ronald Reagan. Along with the divine (though somewhat liberal, but not too bad) Pope John Paul II, Reagan was able to crush the evil hope, spirit and dreams of the Soviet Russians.

    pope_fire Pictures, Images and Photos

    Pope John Paul II and blessed President Ronald Reagan were on a mission, from God, to single-handedly bring peace and freedom to Earth by vanquishing the Soviet Russians.

    Reagan tore down their walls of oppression in Berlin, put to shame their dreams of space conquest and even inspired Gorbachev and his minions to repentant tears after a beautiful speech given in the foreground of waving American flags.

    Why are these communists so emboldened? I’ll tell you why.


    Barack Obama is a Democrat and as history has shown us, liberals love Trotsky (e.g., Franklin ‘FDR’ Roosevelt) and all love the teachings of Karl Marx. Obama is no exception.

    Why is it that time and time again after Obama victories, Vladmir Putin would go and kill tigers in bizarre rituals and supporters were caught on tape waving Russian flags at his campaign rallies?

    obama soviet flag Pictures, Images and Photos
    You can see Obama supporters boldly waving a pagan Soviet flag on US soil.

    Why were the Russians so bold as to even try to invade the blessed Southern state of Georgia ?

    Now this is not verified but I know as well as you do the Russians helped cheat McCain out of the elections. They knew McCain would defend this nation against their threat. This is why liberals worked so hard to ruin your confidence in good polling solutions like Diebold and errant chad counting in red states.

    Friends, I would like to tell you that a new Reagan was on a mission and that everything will be ok, but it most certainly is not.

    Gone are the days of American glory and now we are in a dark age of oppression.  As we speak liberals are working to continue causing things like high gas prices (give more money to the -Arab allies), a weak economy and high divorce rates.

    Much like Pharaoh when trying to vanquish the children of Israel, liberals and Soviets know the best way to hinder and yoke the spirit of morality is by attacking family values and prosperity.

    Now there may not be time to buy enough bomb shelters so you can hide and pray if the Soviets do attack our poor, defenseless nation under Obama, but there is one lesson from the past that we must remember as we weather this giant Russian red storm of destruction and iniquity.


    Even when the Soviets had 1300 strategic nuclear missiles while we had none in the 1980s, President Ronald Reagan did not shake in his boots and neither should you. He stood strong and had faith in the American people.

    He had faith we would persevere. He had faith we would overcome. Indeed, Reagan had faith the the heart of America would find the means to eliminate Soviet confidence through prayer, technological marvel and pride.

    Above all, we must realize that no arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. It is a weapon our adversaries in today’s world do not have. – Ronald reagan

    So today, good friends, know that the atheist threat of Soviets is out to get you! Even though you should be scared, you should also have faith that in 2012 –should you vote Right– once again our nation will put the threat against Democracy into containment where it belongs.

    Reagan Lives!
    Creative Commons License photo credit: notsayingjustdoing

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