• Topless Coffee Shop Opens In Vassalboro Maine

    February 26, 2009 10:19 am 4 comments
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  • Outrage and contempt sets the scene in the small town of Vassalboro, Maine, as a topless coffee shop has set many of the good residents of the township into fits of bridled rage and disgust.

    The coffee shop in question is named The Grand View Topless Coffee Shop, its name not being necessarily comedic as it stands on the location of the old Grand View Motel.

    The town residents did not take very kindly to such a place of business opening in their town and did try legal means to prevent the coffee shop from opening. By state and city ordinances, however, there was actually nothing that could be done.

    Signs that litter the outside entrance to the new coffee shop tease ‘No one under 18 allowed’ while another tells residents they may only look, but no taking pictures or touching. Allegedly, only cash is accepted for whatever types of transactions take place inside.

    Aside from the shock of a topless coffee shop, going beyond the antics of even Hooters, getting able to open in a small town of only 4,500 people, the most interesting part of this story involves the shops hiring day.

    In the town’s local paper, it’s reported that over 150 young women applied for the coffee shop job of topless serving, and the owner had to narrow the field down to ten.

    One must wonder what the interview and screening process for this job did entail?

    While many townspeople are still quite upset by the impious business, it’s reported that they do get regular patrons as the shop opens at 6am to serve coffee, donuts and eyefuls of young women’s pert, exposed milk sacks.

    As reports The Journal, in an interview with one of the young topless waitresses:

    Topless waitress Susie Wiley, 23, of Farmingdale, said she went for the job because it’s “something different” and said she’s worked in coffee shops since she was a teenager.

    Asked whether the shop is degrading to women, Wiley said, “No, I love it. I find it very empowering, not degrading.”

    That’s a common expression for young people in these jobs, and I don’t think it could possibly be fulfilling. It’s hurting them on the inside and lowering the moral bearing of the town. This shows why, even in local politics, it is important for you to take charge and ensure people of moral bearing are crafting and maintaining the laws of your town.


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