• Westboro Baptist Church Headed to Hampshire, England to Picket Anti-Homophobia Play

    February 18, 2009 9:41 am 5 comments
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  • The liberal and sympathetic Westboro Baptist Church is going to England to protest a play that’s about anti-homophobia, all a part of something called the Laramie Project.

    Here’s a portion of an interview The Telegraph did with Westboro’s Shirley Phelps Roeper:

    1) Is this your first picket in the UK?

    1. It is the first actual picket. We have been preaching by so many means to the UK for years. The arm of the Lord our God is not shortened by oceans and things, all of which, he created, and all of which he knew about when he considered these last hours of the very last days of all.

    2) Are you flying across to Britain, or is the picket being carried out by members in Britain? If you are flying over, how many protesters are you expecting and when are you arriving?

    2. Considering that your nation has tried in many ways, including with draconian laws to shut up the Word of God from OFF your landscape, and to make it a crime to plainly say what the STANDARDS of GOD are, (e.g. THOU SHALT NOT lie with mankind as with womankind, it is abomination or THOU SHALT NOT commit adultery, etc.) that I will not be telling any details of our business to get where we need to be.

    To see rest of interview, click here.

    My question to WBC would have been why do you guys hate freedom?

    In a time when Barack Obama has come to power and is destroying the American economy, illegals are perverting our national sport of baseball by confessing their steroid use and things of that nature, how on Earth does a church that is supposed to defend morality and the will of the almighty have time for a vacation to protest the British? We need all that protesting over here!

    In related news, Michael Moore once visited the good people at Westboro. Despite on their talk of being hard on fantastic buses and such, I find their lack of at least egging the bus quite disturbing.

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