• What Is A Judeo Christian and Was America Founded On Those Principles

    February 10, 2009 6:54 am 1 comment
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  • One of the most common email subjects we receive pertains to the moral foundation of America. Simply put, in either question or outright refutation, dozens of emails per week ask if we believe America was founded on the principles of Christianity.

    More specifically, readers ask if you could call our founding fathers those who would be a proud Judeo Christian.

    A reader who asked to remain anonymous sent us the following video, one where Senator John McCain made claims, or at least alluded to, the notion that our founding fathers were Judeo Christians.

    This may be shocking to some, but the author of the video is actually right. Many of our founding fathers were proclaimed deists at best. It’s thought that Thomas Jefferson saw Christ as an excellent philosopher of morality, whose teachings should be considered and definitely applied to life, but not necessarily as a divine figure.

    So while the historical traditions and culture of America may be derivative of a lifestyle based on Christian beliefs (as it tended to be for European nobles and commoners), our foundation was not as an outright declaration of Christianity.

    In fact, with full-blown knowledge of how religion and politics mixed in European history (with corrupt Popes who abused power and kings who thought themselves gods), our founding fathers would definitely not support any established religion for the nation at its inception. There was too much room for corruption.

    So, instead, our nations moral code was passively infused with the moral teachings of Christ and lessons from the Bible. In this brilliant way, our nation was still founded on the best moral principles but did NOT directly invoke a situation where a corrupt man could have abused religion for the sake of seizing absolute, unquestionable authority and power.

    This is an important lesson for Christians to understand. While Christ is not fallible, man can definitely choose to be corrupt and fallible. And many men will choose to use their knowledge of evil to do all sorts of dastardly acts.

    For this reason, our founding fathers did their best to officially set a doctrine that would mandate a clear distinction between matters of religion and government. This is very important. Just imagine if someone from a pagan religion took power: would we want to live under a system where their beliefs were COERCED upon us?

    I would most definitely think not.

    So, instead, what we must remember is the lesson of our founding fathers. We must passively influence and infuse the law of the lands with our superior moral code and lifestyle. By persevering and remaining steadfast to influence laws to protect the right to life, ensure monitoring of our nations media and using right to protest/boycott to keep companies moral, we are actively promoting a Christian way of life (our nation’s philosophical roots) while not outright endorsing an official religion.

    We can take this a step further with our works. We must continue to minister and share our views in public forums, influencing the lives and minds of our fellow compatriots all the while. We must remain active in the political process, making sure our moral knowledge continues to combat the tides of secularism.

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