• Women Cannot Drive That Well

    February 27, 2009 4:29 am 23 comments

    As you know, in the beginning of time God created man and named him Adam. Adam was of course given responsibility over Earth, dominion, and was to name, protect and use all creatures great and small. Such is the responsibility of man to this day.

    Adam, as he on most high knew he would, became very lonely and therefore from his ribs God created a helpmeet for Adam. Eve was naturally beautiful and Adam enjoyed her company, that is until she tempted Adam to eat forbidden fruit and forced Adam, and all men, the responsibility to till the ground, provide a home and hunt the very beasts he had named to provide for Eve and their eventual family.

    It was at this time Adam named Eve’s species ‘woman’, that is, a woe unto man. Since the day women received their moniker, even though they are still very beautiful and have their use to keep us company and entertained, they can certainly be a woe.

    One thing you know about women is that they don’t quite have the manual dexterity or abstract mental abilities of a man, being the secondary type of human. Feminists will try to convince you otherwise, but that’s just because feminists are no good atheist liberals who are destroying society all to forward their little agenda.

    It’s important to remind women that even though they do mess up a bunch, we still do love them. Still, they do mess up and when they do it needs to be documented as a reminder the immoral feminists. In this video, you see a typical woman who is unable to drive a car and falls into a feminine panic. There are some things that are just best left to men.

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