• Yes, Woman, That Dress DOES Make You Look Fat

    February 18, 2009 4:11 pm 5 comments
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    Hello, dear friends, Joe P. Reagan here and there is one question on my mind today. Why do women hate the truth?

    Since the beginning of time, it seems fate has had it in for men with the ultimate Pandora’s box: Women. As you know, females are appealing. Women can be very pleasing to the eye and the best of friends. This is good, and hence, why every day men happily enter into relationships.

    Yet, as the cruel sisters of fate would have it, there are two faces to every coin. Who is a beautiful angel before dating can turn into a cheeto-stained shirt wearing, beer belching, non-pious jelly-roller. Just as much as Eve pained Adam when she was plucked from his rib during the creation of all women, each of her fickle offspring continue the trend of sloven villainy and nagging men to this day.

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketYou see, good friends, the fact is this. There are times when men can be as fickle as women. This is not in dispute. But the crucial problem is that unlike men, many women lack a sense of guilt. They always have a feeling of entitlement. And it’s when this quality naturally comes out when dating, or married, that man finds himself in a sad situation.

    To this day, this is how relationships are playing out. Domineering women increasingly make nit-picky demands on their husbands or boyfriends, and men are fairy-footing about doing the woman’s bidding without voicing annoyance. Many long term relationships are turning south because men aren’t putting their foot down, demanding to be respected as head of the home.

    Now at this time, many of you may be thinking that so many relationships are going bad, and marriages ending in bitter splits, due to modern media and culture. To an extent, this is true. The worst cultural villain is the modern feminist movement, which we know feminism is destroying society. Add to that a media that portrays how life “should be”, which is an impossible photoshopped standard, and you have ingredients designed to tear couples apart.

    But beyond this, there is a much bigger problem. A problem that has always plagued humanity, and one that in this situation, should actually be a non-factor. Honesty.

    The thought for today’s question occurred to me following a movie night at my place. Drained from a half-week of work, our good ol’ buddy Ted and few other folks, along with myself, went to grabbed film Halloween 2007, to mock and review. For a Rob Zombie flick, it was still far worse than you would expect. In the midst of all the gore, knives and braless mammalian ludicrosities, there was one line that had us laughing.

    A pretty broke looking guy had an attractive girlfriend, and sneaked off in a scene to engage in very immoral cowgirl style premarital fornication.. Before shielding my eyes from the scene, it was obvious she was hot and fit, and she knew it. In typical sinner fashion, after they were done she demanded the guy get her a cold beer so she could cool down. He responded, coyly, “H*** no, I’m the one that just finished the heavy lifting”, joking that she was a bit chunky.

    Now being a good ol’ boy to the core, Ted found this funny and vowed to try that very line on his woman that night. Now, “Mrs. Ted” is actually big, so I questioned his wisdom. He wasn’t hearing any of it though and was bent on his mission of reciting movie lines during his marital relations.

    When we met up to hit the last night, I noticed Ted was holding his neck at a bit of an awkward angle. He tried to play it off, but it was obvious his neck was cranked. As expected, his little joke landed him on the couch.

    Now while the fate of Ted and his neck happen to the best of us, when you look at it it reveals the truth. And it’s this truth that’s the point of today’s thought.

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    For far too long, men have been creating facades. Just like Adam didn’t have the cajones to tell his woman he wanted a proper meal instead of her feeding him garden fruits, men today endure the most ridiculous of demands, from a combination of exhaustion, fear, and sex-whippedness We lie about the appearance of our spouse, we lie about not being upset at doing handy work and we lie about liking the woman’s friends. In the end, while you may think it’s getting you somewhere being the “perfect” guy, it’s not.

    It’s these very lies, that over time, sow the seeds that will cause your downfall. There needs to be a time where every man, and woman, realize one thing. The truth hurts, but it’s important for any functional relationship. Due to social dynamics, men are used to getting called out. If a guy is stinky, the woman will say “Get your sticky butt in the shower”. If we’re sitting around trying to chill, we’ll get nagged. It’s a fact of life.

    There needs to be a shift in this trend, however, if things are going to take a better turn for relationships and society. So today, men, I call you out. Women need to be taught the values of honesty. They need to be told that yes, those jeans make them look fat, and no, that dress does not make them look like Miss Johansson. So what? The important part of respect doesn’t come from the lies you can mold, but rather the truth you’re willing to share. Men have had to hold the truth in for far too long, and it’s time for it to quit.

    Many of you, right now, are thinking back to how many times you had to bite your tongue this past week. You know the real truth. Meanwhile, somewhere in a darkended room, some of you are all upset, sitting in your chair and furiously tapping to the thought of angrily responding to this article.

    Whatever your thought, there are truths that must be realized. Women, don’t throw your husband’s on the couch if he admits you are getting a bit thick. If he actually loves you, you should be happy. When your boyfriend doesn’t like your friends and wants to kick it with his pals, don’t nag him and give him an ultimatum. You have to compromise too, it’s a two way street.

    Honesty is what this world needs more of, and there is no better place than your personal life to start dishing it out and receiving it. Who knows, if there are more relationships built on honest respect, we may have one less disgruntled Michael Myers chasing down horny, sinful couples.

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