• American Religious Identification Survey 2008 Released, Atheists Gloat

    March 9, 2009 9:06 am 16 comments
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  • My friends, the 2008 American Religious Identification Survey has been released and the atheists are rejoicing. The numbers of the survey are disturbing at worst and sickening at best:

    More charts will be available as the results are published, and the data from the Trinity College study reveals some outrageous trends that are taking place in our traditionally Christian nation.

    In 1990, right after the blessed presidency of Ronald Reagan and during the term of George HW Bush, a decent 86 percent of adult Americans were Christian.

    After the liberal reign of Bill Clinton, however, things spun out of control. With his allowing perverted temptations to fill the airwaves by hampering the FCC, and setting a national standard of debauchery with his intern scandal, Bill Clinton proved to be a horrid leader that begot liberal tendencies nationwide.

    As a result, the amount of adult Christians in the US sharply fell to only 77 percent in the year 2000. You’ll note that since that time, our nation has been plagued with economic crisis, terror attack, widespread disease and joblessness.

    This is because people are losing the faith. Families are falling apart and our children are turning to hard drugs and violence. This year, with Obama in office the amount of moral people in the US has now fallen down even further, to 76%.

    A good American should find these trends disturbing, but atheists such as these are glorifying the fall of America. We are a nation that was founded with a Christian heritage, and when we fall away from that lifestyle our nation is bound to falter. We were designed for morality.

    When prayer was dropped from schools in 1962, we saw an increase in school violence and dropouts. Now that our politics are being lead by Godless democrats, from the presidency to the Congress, we can only expect to see similar trends affect the nation at large.

    The national murder rate is up and adults in America are losing traditional work ethic. It’s the same thing that we saw in schools now affecting everyone.

    You’ll also see in the data that the Northeast has seen the largest percentage dramatic drop in practicing Christians, all being replaced by atheists, idolaters (Muslims, Hindus and so on) and those who claim ‘no religious preference’, which is as good as being a Thomas or Judas.

    So there you have it. We have our work cut out for us in bringing this nation back to morality by 2012. The world is in peril and only by a reestablishment of The Moral Majority, may we again set things to proper order.

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