• Barack Obama Hates White People

    March 17, 2009 8:04 am 31 comments
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  • Barack Obama continued to show his intense disgust for all things light today, this time as he vowed to oppress innocent, hardworking white Americans and ‘do everything in his power to make sure they don’t get those bonuses’.

    America is supposed to be the land of equal opportunity and equality, yet under Obama –time and time again– he has squandered the life, financial liberty and happiness of now impoverished white men, all because the color of their skin.

    It is a sad testament when our country has regressed to a state to where our leaders overlook the content of a man’s character, and focus only on the content of his wallet.

    When noble President Bush was in office, such was not the case. The civil minded Bush, along with Cheney and his sage cabinet, realized that all people — black and white — should be free to equally take care of themselves, unless they needed assistance like our friends in Iraq or at our business and banking institutions.

    President Bush did not see color when he helped American progress by freely sharing money, without disgust, to needy oil executives and bank presidents. President Bush surely realized the greatest dream when he vetoed a $30 billion dollar bi-partisan health insurance plan that would have insured 4 million American children without health care, so we could instead have more money with which to bring love and freedom to all children –black, white, yellow and brown, rich or poor — worldwide.

    Contrast this to the sad political landscape of today, where to a biased Obama and the Democrats there are people in this country that are not seen as American or even humans.

    They are seen as just an obstacle to be dealt with, being called prejudice epithets such as ‘rich pricks’, ‘elitist execs’ and ‘greedy old white men’. These hateful terms have no place in a progressive society, and it is troubling that our president is rallying the public to oppress the bonuses of good Americans.

    In a country where racism prevented a good man like John McCain from winning an election from the start, we surely have much to overcome.

    Sure, there are good places like Oklahoma where people are so open-minded that Obama did not win a single county, just like in portions of Southern Illinois, but my fear is that Obama’s oppressive wrath will soon hit those areas just like he’s hitting residents of nice hamlets and gated communities nationwide.

    As mentioned, the most recent offense to racial harmony in this country occurred as Obama vowed to make sure AIG could not hand its executives a fair check for their hard work.

    The time may soon again come when the oppressed will have to lay down their proverbial mops and tell the ruling liberals ‘no more, no more’, standing tall as they demand to be treated as equals. Indeed, demanding to be treated as human. Americans. Together as one.

    Let us now pray and look at this shocking, harrowing video, where Obama vows to deny freedom of spending to good Americans:

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