• Barack Obama Refunds Baby Murder

    March 9, 2009 11:09 pm 14 comments
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  • Today marks a dark day in American history, as Barack Obama ended President George Bush’s ban of the government sponsoring the murder of babies.

    Obama believes that it’s ok to kill babies and then use their cells for all types of genetic experimentation. This point of view is of course immoral.

    Liberals will contest that these cells they harvest from babies, stem cells, are necessary to do research for curing diseases such as diabetes, heart disease or degenerative neurological disorders. They claim that is because baby cells are totipotent, or, all powerful.

    This is of course farce. What these liberals are trying to keep quiet is that there are other areas from where one can take stem cells, such as a newborn’s spent umbilical chord and embryonic sac. Stem cells are present in adults as well.

    Barack’s agenda here is not to better mankind through science, but rather a political one where he wants to use abortion as a form of population control. Democrats will stop at nothing to fund and encourage abortion, and this ‘stem cell’ research is just a ruse used as a means to those ends.

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