• British Catch Gay Inducing Ghost Spirit on Photograph

    March 28, 2009 6:34 pm 26 comments

    Spine-chilling panic has beset a great many people today, all due to a photograph where an effeminate man’s specter is clearly seen peering from behind barred windows in an old, abandoned castle.

    This frightening photograph was submitted to a scientific survey, which announced a contest for people from around the globe to send in their best photographs of spooky spirits that still inhabit the Earth.

    Of all pictures submitted, the one that troubled viewers the most was that of a gay spirit that was seen spooking about Tantallon Castle in Scotland. The specter’s sexual preference is obvious as it is wearing very flamboyant clothing, much like you would see a man in San Francisco. The photograph is said to be taken by a gentleman named Christopher Aitchison.

    Set in a dismally gray and dreary sky adorned with ominous clouds, the towering old castle shows the clear figure of a man overlooking the ground, hands gripped on the bars that now cover the windows.

    The castle has been abandoned since the 1600s.

    Frightened, researchers submitted the photograph to a half dozen digital experts and university research teams; none of them could find any sign, whatsoever, of digital manipulation. This following photo is authentic.

    This photograph is scientifically verified as authentic and proves once again that gay spirits roam the Earth, and can lure people to the sinful traps of homosexuality.

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