• Canada Has an Amateur Army

    March 24, 2009 12:21 am 48 comments

    The liberal elite media is up in arms today, as yesterday commentators on Fox News said something that has needed to be said for quite some time; Canada has an amateur military.

    I mean no offense, but America has pretty worthless military allies.

    In our politically correct society, there is some forced ACLU convention where we’re supposed to pretend like everyone is equal and that no difference in skills or abilities exist. The problem is that lying is about such things will lead to a hellfire far worse than what Hitler cast upon Europe during World War 2.

    Time and time again America has made the allied armies of every other nation on Earth look silly in comparison. Let’s take a good lesson from our aforementioned World War 2.

    The Great War is surely one of the best examples of what happens in a world without an American military presence. It all started when the NAZIs and their blood-thirsty Chinese allies had just about conquered the Earth, from Russia to England, in under a year.

    As France and an all but conquered Britain lay prostrate before the NAZIs in the West, the communist Soviets were one horseback and trying to defeat the Sino-NAZI alliance with rocks and potatoes, as they had run out of bullets.

    Hilter’s forces easily decimated his backwoods challengers until a real army –American –, guided by the hands of morality from Most High himself, showed up. Within a year, America had single-handedly defeated the Asian-German alliance and brought peace back to the world via bomb inspired treaties.

    Such has been the case in every war in which America has defended its helpless allies and brought God’s will of freedom to our enemies. Yet, it has become custom to say ‘we all fought equally’ and that, my friends, is hurting society.

    Countries are now so delusional they think sending 20 soldiers and $1,000 of their fake money to a war effort — like the war on terror — is a real contribution. They think by sending their little trained farmers out with our soldiers, they are actively contributing to bringing peace and freedom.

    The fact of the matter is that by not calling out these weak countries: Canada, Britain, France, Australia and everyone else in the U.N. that’s not America, we’re creating a dangerous environment. Without American, the U.N. is powerless.

    When we get a proper president in the White House in 2012, America needs to get back to being assertive in our world diplomacy. We need to politely instruct our allies that terrorists will kill them dead, this new war on terror is no more a joke than WW1, WW2, the Cold War and both Iraq Wars.

    Our enemy is of great resolve and numbers over 1 billion dedicated soldiers in strength. Every allied nation needs to pay America to build a base of operation in its country, as well as supplying our troops who station those bases. Each nation on Earth, that’s of good standing, needs America’s divinely inspired guidance protection.

    It’s time we enforce this standard until everyone admits it. Fox News discusses this essential concept in more detail:

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