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    March 5, 2009 9:19 am 6 comments

    Hello, good friends, Joe P. Reagan here and there is one question on my mind today. How on Earth can any sane person stand to watch the new femipraise Wonder Woman animated DVD?

    This week I was tasked with watching and reviewing this latest animated release from DC comics, who released this sexist film straight to DVD on March 3rd. Friends, I have never been so offended in my life.

    If you were to take the most hardened, grim and pants-wearing feminists of all time, get them bitter drunk, then have them put every god-awful stereotype about men in a hat, you could have picked their entries and wrote an equal script to this film.

    There was nothing but mean-spirited stereotypes and hatred being spewed out at men all throughout this blatant anti-man fest.

    WONDER WOMAN Pictures, Images and Photos

    Film depicts all men as overgrown, sex-crazed rapists.

    It started off with Greek war-god Ares and a legion of man beasts (because all men are monsters, naturally) slaughtering a village full of beautiful, peaceful Amazonian women in an unprecedented fashion, for no reason at all. After establishing the fact that all men are monsters and rapists, the Amazonian women somehow gain the upper hand.

    As the tide of the battle turned, the audience is treated to an admittedly well-drawn action sequence that is full of blood, gore and decapitations. The mighty feminist Amazons lay utter waste to the male forces of Ares in the most bloody, violent way you could imagine.

    That’s supposed to be cause for cheer, because again, remember the men were depicted as less than human. They are grotesque and monstrous compared to the wonderfully drawn women of the Amazon.

    The battle finally ends as Ares, the Greek god of war, had his life spared from the mighty sword of Hippolyta (Wonder Woman’s mother) by intervention of Greek goddess Hera.

    At this point the film’s theme should be visually clear to even a twice-drunken blind bat. For sparing the life of the cowardly Ares, Hera promised to deliver the powerful Hippolyta and her Amazons a paradise. What is paradise?

    It’s apparently an island with no men. It’s a place where a woman can frolic about nude with her ‘sisters’ and a woman can ask the gods to make her a baby, without the need of those icky, rapist men.

    The feminist and lesbian themes are quite thick in that alone, but mark my words, this film still manages to get worse!

    All is going well on lesbian island, as the woman are having yet another day of frolicking about and making merry about how awesome life is without the war-mongering men. Then, all of a sudden, a fighter jet appears from nowhere and crashes onto the island! A pilot escapes!

    Uh, oh. It’s a man. A man named Steve Trevor.

    If you grew up during the 80s, you may recall a movie named Revenge of the Nerds. It featured some of the most sordid fraternity antics and grotesque, yet humorous, characters. Well, combine all those guys up, throw in a splash or two of Captain Kirk’s libido, and wrap it all in a horndog making merry with your leg. You have their representative everyman character, Steve Trevor.

    There is a false old wife’s tale that says men think about sex every several minutes. This is of course not true, but Steve Trever would convince you otherwise.

    I’ll save you the plot progression, but everything leads to Wonder Woman having to go back to ‘man’s world’ with this Steve Trevor. He does everything possible to persuade the Amazonian princess to engage in sexual relations.

    We’re talking low end antics, my friends. Steve Trevor, or ‘everyman’, tried to get Wonder Woman (everywoman) in every way possible: attempted a plan to intoxicate and then ‘date rape’ her at a bar (failed, and he had to be saved from thugs in an alley), tried to bed her as she lay near death in a hospital (he was slapped for being a ‘typical male’), made constant comments about her figure (as pick up lines) and well, you get the drift.

    The film ends in typical fashion. The armies of Ares arise once again and like most invading forces to the real world, they attack Washington DC.

    The US army, which apparently consists of about 18 men with machine guns and affinity for hiding behind walls, are saved as the Amazonian femi-army descends upon DC and engages Ares for one last, final battle.

    It all ends with the beastly Ares being decapitated by none other than Wonder Woman. Women have saved the day!

    Now as you know, feminism is destroying society. That’s a given fact, and movies like this are just more examples as to the types of affects it is having on popular culture.

    Men are shown in a very, very negative light in this film. This reinforces bad stereotypes for both boys and girls, men and women. We need to get beyond seeing sexes in such a negative bias.

    This film made it seem as if men have no redeeming quality at all.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPicI find this particularly odd, especially in this film, considering Wonder Woman’s core concept actually takes root in a confused sexual deviance in itself. There is a reason she likes that magic lasso (and getting bound in it) and that she comes from an island full of women.

    All that was overlooked, however (well, not the immoral clothing), to make this an anti-man rally that would leave Susan B. Anthony with tears of pride streaming from her eyes.

    Parents, beware this movie. It will just encourage your daughters to become tomboys and not want children when they grow up. There was even once scene in this movie where Wonder Woman taught a young girl how to stab boys. Unbelievable.

    The violence and bloodshed should put parents off on this movie alone, but the psychological games being played in this movie takes the offense to an entirely different level. If you have a boy who sees this film, he’ll be entirely shamed of being a male or even worse will start thinking it’s normal to be a collegiate manwhore.

    Due to all these things, plus not having a disclaimer about the deities being shown in this film are purely mythological, I’m forced to grade this movie fairly yet tough.

    Final Verdict:
    Wonder Woman Animated DVD Rating – 2.9/10
    SSinister (fantasy violence, misandry, homosexual lesbian themes, impiety, feminism, gender confusion, bloodshed)

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