• College Humor Shows Filthy Dolphin Sex Videos

    March 2, 2009 10:03 am 29 comments

    My friends, as you know we have been campaigning against the gay-inducing videos of two boys named Jake and Amir of internet website College Humor. Our research in the past has shown this Jake, along with his partner Amir, have been actively promoting the Home Gay Agenda to our young, bright college students in America.

    Today’s research shows that the sinful antics of this terrible two know no bound, as their site was caught promoting dolphin sex pornography.

    These prostitutes for Satan at College Humor lay around in their offices all day, letting the juices of evil fill them up as they find all sorts of new ways to pervert the minds of our nation’s future at colleges across America. It was really bad when they were caught promoting gay, and now they are trying to make dolphin animal sex seem ok too.

    If you have women or children in the room, please have them leave before you first pray and then review this sick video evidence.

    This video is nothing but pure filth and has been stewed to a deep-liquor of sin. In it they have caused an innocent dolphin to attempt relations with a human female, and that’s not right.

    I encourage all our readers to join us in demanding these hussies take all this filth down!

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