• Crybaby Atheists Upset Over Battlestar Galactica Series Finale Daybreak, Part II Watch Online Now

    March 21, 2009 1:38 pm 32 comments

    Battlestar Galactica Series Finale Episode 4×22, Daybreak Part II: Christian TV Review and Watch Online Now

    Angry tears and much lamenting flows from atheist households worldwide, as vaunted Sci-Fi Network show Battlestar Galactica came to an ending which incorporated the notion of God, angels and divine plans.

    The hordes of Richard Dawkins have taken to an expected angry protest, cursing Battlestar Galactica as even though the show was immoral in many ways, even its writers could not resist an ending that was a testament to the one true God and the role his angels play in the lives of humanity.

    One liberal poster on Sci-Fi forums cried:

    “Starbuck an angel that didn’t know she was an angel? C’mon on! The subconscious Baltar and six were angels, that’s it, that’s the best you morons could do? This is science fiction, the Sci Fi network, not the 700 club!”

    Cry those tears, atheists, because Battlestar Galactica was one of the most popular fiction shows of all time, and yet even it — a show that sinned by encouraging premarital fornication and alluding to there being more than one God — admitted that in the end, it’s all about God. In the beginning, God. And for all time, God.

    The show was also good in that it showed the dangers of robotics, which as we speak Japan’s scientists are meticulously crafting to become our love slaves and working class. This is immoral and as Battlestar Galactica showed, will lead to the downfall of mankind.

    The series finale of Battlestar Galactica, Daybreak Part II, was obviously not perfect. The ending claimed humanity ‘present’ occurs 150,000 years after Adama lead the fleet to ‘New Earth’ (which is supposed to be this Earth). The timing is impossible, as we’re only 6000 years old as a species and human life cannot exist on other planets.

    The writers do choose to show life on Earth was already established when the colonists arrived, still giving a nod to the divinity of God –and not evolution — in the creation of man.

    Laura Roslyn had her expected parallels with Moses, and Six, Baltar and even Starbuck were revealed to be angels in their subconscious. Weird, but again, this is fiction and the mythos of this story did its best to incorporate facts from Christianity, which is commendable at least.

    Here is the final episode. Enjoy!

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