• Full Picture of Real Life Montauk Monster (Photo Evidence)

    March 16, 2009 9:33 am 67 comments

    Several weeks ago I reported on a new scientific mystery, a monstrous abomination that was discovered by three women who were walking on the beaches of Borneo.

    As the news of this story initially spread, television and print media worldwide have interviewed countless individuals, trying to discover the origin of what is now called the ‘Borneo Montauk Monster’.

    The public panic and whirlwind media coverage that followed this coverage was expected, and eventually insider reports about this creature’s true origins started to surface. This Borneo Montauk Monster was not natural, but rather a creation of genetic experiments being performed by our government in offshore laboratories. The Montauk is one of many genetic evolution experiments, and got loose, and even more frightening the next one that comes ashore may not be dead but alive.

    The threat of an invasive species to a local ecosystem is of utmost concern and must be stopped at all costs. The dynamic relationships between plants and animals in a region is one that has been specialized for thousands of years since our creation, and a creature such as a live Montauk Monster, who has no natural predators and will compete differently, can upset that balance.

    Over the weekend I received an email from a gentleman from Cold Creek, and the message contained a very disturbing leaked photograph of a live Montauk Monster.

    I was skeptical at first, but you can see its ravenous beak both prominently displayed in the live and dead photos, as well as its harpy arms as well. Despite being feathered, I think much like a chicken or ostrich this Montauk creature is too heavy for flight.

    Whatever the case, this is all the more reason why we must ban together to boycott evolution and genetic engineering. These creatures are a reality and its only a matter of time before they destroy natural order.

    Live Montauk Monster

    Original Montauk Monster Found Dead:

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